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U Comedy, Drama, Romance 2 hrs 53 mins Mar 25, 2016
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Thozha Story

Director: Vamshi Paidipally

Cast: Nagarjuna as Vikramaditya, a quadriplegic billionaire, Karthi as the caretaker of Vikramaditya named Seenu. Tamannah as Keerthi, Prakash Raj as Prasad, Anushka Shetty as Nandini, Shriya Saran as Nandini. Vivek as lawyer Lingam, Kalpana as Nandini, cook of Vikramaditya and Jayasudha as Seenu's mother.

Thozha opens with Vikramaditya and Seenu speeding a car and tricks the Police officials claiming a medical emergency. While they ride through the city, Thozha leads to the flashback and the story begins. The story begins when Lawyer Lingam, a distant relative of Seenu gets the convicted Seenu out for a parole. Lingam advises Seenu to get a job and prove the court that he leads a decent and law-abiding life so that the case gets closed. Meantime, Vikramaditya along with his PA Keerthy conduct interviews for the position of the quadriplegic Vikramaditya's caretaker. Lingam drops Seenu at Vikramaditya's home and he attends the interview.

Impressed by Seenu's honest and carefree attitude, Vikramaditya selects him as the caretaker and this leaves Lawyer Lingam, and PA Keerthy to surprise. On the course, Seenu realises the actual state of Vikramaditya's disability and assists him with all his needs. A special brotherly affection develops between them. Prasad who is Vikramaditya's close friend and legal advisor visits the home after Keerthi complains about Seenu's carefree methods of assisting Vikram. There Vikramaditya aka Vikram talks to Prasad in favour of Seenu saying that Seenu is the right person for him because he is the only one who does not pity him for his conditions now. 

Seenu finds out that Vikramaditya has a purely epistolary relationship with a woman called Priya and encourages him to meet her, but Vikramaditya opposes it, fearing her reaction when she discovers his disability. Meantime Seenu's sister Swathi's marriage is opposed by her lover's father Kalidas and the lovers decide to elope and register the marriage. Seenugets informed about this and meet his sister and prevents her from doing this and requests for a chance to speak to her lover's father. Seenu visits Kalidas but he ridicules him for their economic status. Vikramaditya learns about this and coerces Kalidasu through Prasad without Seenu's knowledge. The marriage is arranged, and Seenu earns Swathi's respect. 

Vikram falls ill and gets admitted in the hospital. The night Prasad invites Seenu to his home and reveals more about Vikram and his past. Prasad shares Vikram's emotional love story to Seenu and the next day Seenu compels Vikram to visit Paris and he agrees. Seenu and Keerthy fall for each other during this vacation. In Paris, Vikram meets his ex-lover Nandini, her husband Abhinav, and their daughter Aadhya, and realise that Seenu has revealed about Vikramaditya's accident and its aftermath to Nandini. Relieved that Nandini is happy, he returns to India and his joyous attitude makes Prasad and Lakshmi happy. Vikram later recognises the condition of Seenu and force him to leave the place and take care of his family. Seenu becomes a cab driver and leads a decent life.

Vikram's health and the mental state becomes dull again and Prasad requests Seenu to visit Vikram. They both go out for a ride and reach Pondicherry and there Seenu gives Vikram a surprise by arranging a meeting with his love Priya. Thozha and it's Telugu version Oopiri had a decent run at the box office.

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