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Tholi Prema (2018) Review

U/A Drama, Romance, Rom-Com Feb 10, 2018





Tholi Prema (2018) Review & Rating


Tholi Prema (first love) is like a beautiful guitar song going full swing in the background. Every late 1990s teenager remembers the beautiful effect that Pawan Kalyan’s movie created on them. In the following 20 years, Tholi Prema had a special place in their hearts. Tholi Prema is iconic is an understatement. This Varun Tej star vehicle of 2018 not only lends the title of the 1998 movie, but also the feel. Rashi Khanna acted as the Tholi Prema of Varun Tej in this film. And Boy! How good they both are!

Directed by Venky Atluri, the guy who acted as hero in a forgotten film (Gnapakam) a decade ago, and produced by B. V. S. N. Prasad under his banner Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra, Tholi Prema is a beautiful romance film. Suhasini Maniratnam, Priyadarshi, Vidyullekha Raman, Naresh, Hyper Aadi etc. played supporting roles in this movie. Come, let’s see if this film creates the same magic and remain a film of the generation like its namesake in Tholi Prema review.

As the title suggests, Tholi Prema is a love story between two hearts. Aadi (Aditya), played by Varun Tej, meets Varsha, played by Rashi Khanna, in a train Journey. It is love at first sight. And next over to college. He meets Varsha again the same college he is studying. Aditya and Varsha are in love. Aditya is an instinctive person. He lets his emotions loose. Varsha is a practical and calculative young woman. Clash of personalities happen and breakup follows. What happens next and how Aadi regains his first love follows the rest of the film.

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Varun Tej who delivered a blockbuster with Fidaa, and proved himself to be a capable choice for lover boy roles, is simply amazing in Tholi Prema. He showed the difference in the character in various phases of life in the story and delivered one of the best performances we can see in recent times in this author backed character. His chemistry with Rashi Khanna is the biggest highlight of this film. Rashi Khanna got a great role in this film, a young woman of strong character. She did excellently. Both the lead actors gave memorable performances in the emotional scenes. Priyadarshi got a full length role and gave very good performance. Senior actress Suhasini played the mother of hero character and adds value to the film. Naresh as the casteist uncle in London rocked with his dialogues. Vudyullekha Raman evokes good laughs with her comedic performance. Rest of the cast did well to blend in the narration.

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Story of Tholi Prema is on expected line, but it is with the narration, the director scores points. And it is where he faltered. Narration starts slowly and once the scene shifts to college, it moves on to the track. Fresh visuals and sleek narration makes for an amazing first half. But like Sukumar did in his debut film Arya, Venky took a beaten path in the second half. He added regular expected scenes for sake of families and mass audience. That made for a diversion from the flow of the first half. But it’s not bad. The movie takes pace again towards the climax and ends on a high note. The good or bad of this film belongs to the director, and he delivered a promise.

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Cinematography is another plus point of this film. George C. Williams deserves a pat for gorgeous visuals. He captured the mood of narration in a brilliant way. Thaman finally came out of beaten path and delivered a memorable album. Allasani Vari is a beautiful composition with equally beautiful lyrics, and Sunona Sunaina is another fan favorite.

The production values of SVCC banner are first rate. Art work for this film is superb. Kiran gave beautiful locations for this love story. Dialogues in this film are beautiful and have depth. Most of the dialogues are natural and adds to the flow of the film.

Tholi Prema is a beautiful love story by the debutant filmmaker Venky Atluri and another super hit for Varun Tej. Backed by refreshing narration, gorgeous visuals and superb music, this film is a winner. Despite sluggish opening 10 minutes, and bit of routineness in the second half, Tholi Prema does justice to its iconic title. If it becomes as iconic as the previous film, only time will tell.

Tholi Prema (2018) Critic Reviews

Tholi Prema (2018) User Reviews

  • Satya

    10 Feb 18 @ 3:01 PM

    Tholi Prema, right from the title, everything seemed positive about the movie. The teasers and trailers were so good that they drew my attention straight away. Coming to the movie, Tholi Prema is a simple love story of two lovers. Yes, it is as simple as that but what makes this movie so special is the simplicity itself. Venky Atluri has chosen a simple storyline and perfect casting to deliver a magical product. Thaman has to mentioned for his phenomenal work. Varun Tej is superb and he has turned out to be one of the most dependable performers of Telugu cinema. Raashi Khanna is cute but she is beyond that in this film as she gets ample scope for performance.

    Tholi Prema is a must watch for all those who are looking for a neat rom-com this Valentine weekend.

  • Yakkala

    10 Feb 18 @ 11:50 AM

    Movie is very good

  • Prince

    14 May 18 @ 1:33 PM

Tholi Prema (2018) Live Updates & Public Talk

So, it's time now. Tholi Prema created a lot of buzz before its release. Not just because it's Varun Tej's first movie since the blockbuster Fidaa, it's the magic of the title, Tholi Prema. This film lends its title from the iconic 1998 Pawan Kalyan starrer. The USA premieres are underway, and the film is getting the positive talk. Fans are posting their opinion on Twitter. The reports say that Tholi Prema is going to be another super hit in the career of Varun Tej.

Positive reviews are pouring out for Tholi Prema. Praising the love track and the lead pair. Tollywood director Vamshi Paidipally seems to be very impressed with the performances of Raashi Khanna and Varun Tej. The regular audience are also expressing their opinions on Tholi Prema on social media, check them out below.

Tholi Prema is directed by Venky Atluri who is making his directorial debut with this flick but he seems to have played his cards right. His sensible direction is being said as one of the positive factors of the film. According to the audience, he is well supported by good music from Thaman and terrific performances from Varun and Raashi. On the technical side, DOP George seems to have done an excellent job as his work in being appreciated by each and everyone. See the latest Tweets to know more.

Tholi Prema is turning out to be the movie of the week and a memorable film for those involved with it. USA previews got unanimous positive reception for the lead pair, director and technical crew. Now it is the same for the morning shows in India. 

Positive reviews continue for Tholi Prema. Most of the Tholi Prema public talk says that it is going to be a super hit. Every aspect of the film is getting rave reviews, especially music and cinematography. Varun Tej and Rashi Khanna are getting rave reviews for their performances.

Stay tuned for more Public Talk and Tholi Prema review.

Tholi Prema (2018) Preview

What is Tholi Prema about?

Tholi Prema (2018) is an Indian Telugu language film directed by Venky Atluri, starring Varun Tej and Rashi Khanna in lead roles. This film is produced by B. V. S. N. Prasad under the production banner Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra. As this is Varun Tej’s first film after the blockbuster Fidaa, a lot of hype and expectations surrounded this film.

“Memories stay with you, irrespective of whether they are good or bad,” says Aditya, the character played by Varun Tej in the film. It is the memories of Varsha, played by Rashi Khanna, that haunt him. He met the girl on a train journey and that changes his life. He falls in love with her, his Tholi Prema (first love). Tholi Prema doesn’t look like a clichéd romance drama that we are used to. From the trailer, we can see that the director Venky Atluri had homed in on the complexities of a relationship between two individuals in an intriguing manner. We can know the fate of his love on 10 February 2018 when this film is releasing.

What to expect from Tholi Prema?

  • Beautiful romantic love story

Tholi Prema (2018) lends its title from the iconic 1998 movie starring Pawan Kalyan. That film, a haunting romantic drama about two individuals with different attitudes on life and their friendship, made Pawan Kalyan the star he is now. From what we know from the trailer and other sources, Tholi Prema promises to be a beautiful and haunting romantic movie with strong characters. The film is about first love, a beautiful phase of everyone’s life.

  • Lead pair

Varun Tej coming off a blockbuster in the form of Fidaa where his performance gained praise from the critics and proved himself to be a romantic lead is pairing with Rashi Khanna, one of the top lead actresses for the first time. They proved to be beautiful pairing and if the chemistry between them works, this love story will become a memorable film in recent times.

  • Soulful music

Music helps love stories and plays an important role in the success of such films. S. S. Thaman composed the songs and background score of this film. After coming back to form with Mahanubhavudu, Thaman’s music in Tholi Prema is soulful and soothing. His music adds to the mood of the film and the audio is already getting positive reviews. The songs Nannila, Sunona Sunaina, and Allasani Vari are claimed to be the best of the album.

  • Cinematography

The Cinematography of the film Tholi Prema is handled by George C. Williams. He is making his debut in Telugu Film Industry with Tholi Prema. He is known for striking visuals from his films Raja Rani, Kathi, and Theri. Tholi Prema being a beautiful romance film, we can expect gorgeous visuals in this film. 

  • Production values

Producer B. V. S. N. Prasad is known for no compromise, and on Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra, he had produced high-quality films. Grand production values assured from Tholi Prema. 

Check this space for Tholi Prema review from Top critics, be right back!