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Thimiru Pudichavan Review

U/A Action, Thriller Nov 16, 2018





Thimiru Pudichavan Review & Rating


Thimiru Pudichavan Review: Audacious Vijay Antony Shines As Angry Cop

Old wine in the new bottle is the right expression for Vijay Antony's latest offering Thimiru Pudichavan. But as wine gets better with aging, this cop thriller also clicks with the target audience. With a Baahubaliesque promo song featuring a 500 feet statue of the protagonist of the film, Vijay Antony rose the expectations about the movie. 

We have seen hundreds of cop stories and we know how such stories work. Here, in Thimiru Pudichavan, Vijay Antony plays Murugavel, an audacious police inspector. Murugavel doesn't approve of his younger brother's behavior. He constantly finds fault with the youngster which leads to the boy running away from home. 

When Murugavel is transferred to Chennai on promotion, to his shock he finds his brother turned a criminal working for a local mafia leader alongside several other youths. Juvenile criminals. Murugavel kills his little brother in an unfortunate incident. Grief-stricken, he decides to bring the teenagers from the clutches of the dreaded gangster. How he does this with the help of other cops including Inspector Madonna form the rest of the story. 

Vijay Antony is impeccable as in the role of a sincere cop. His body language is authentic. This is one of his best roles and he carried the entire movie on his broad shoulders literally and metaphorically. Nivetha Pethuraj who played Inspector Madonna is fun to watch. She has good chemistry with Vijay Antony. Sai Dheena as the gangster Padma who employs juveniles is brilliant. The young actor who played Murugavel's makes an impact with his memorable performance. 

Ganeshaa must be commended for throwing light on juvenile criminals despite the story being a regular good cop versus gangsters. The narration is slick and the screenplay moves smoothly without any bumps. The way he brought out the emotions in the scenes where the brothers confront each other is pretty good. The interval block is stunning. 

The musical score by Vijay Antony himself is excellent. The cinematography by Richard M. Nathan is first rate. He captured the atmosphere quite well. The editing by Vijay Antony is without any jerks and brings out good pace to the proceedings. The action sequences are over the top. Production values by Vijay Antony Film Corporation are decent. 

On a whole, Despite its regular and age-old story, like an old wine, Thimiru Pudichavan entertains the target audience (read mass audience) very well. Slick narration, the top class performance by Vijay Antony and excellent direction by Ganeshaa makes this movie a decent watch. It has a conflict point which can appeal to the class audience. A better than one time watch. 

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Thimiru Pudichavan Live Updates & Public Talk

Music director turned actor Vijay Antony has made himself a name with films having exotic storylines. After a slight dip in his form, he strikes back now with Thimiru Pudichavan. Apart from playing the lead role and producing the movie, as is his wont Vijay Antony has composed the musical score. He played the role of a policeman for the first time and promises an intense action drama. Thimiru Pudichavan opened to a generally positive response from the audience and Vijay's performance receives applause. The first half of the movie is decent with sprinkles of humor while the second half has engaging moments with action sequences. 

Director Ganeshaa comes up with a message about leading youngsters on a good path and not letting them drift towards juvenile crimes. All the teenage actors have done a good job. Nivetha Pethuraj's character has fun sequences. Se is good as a lady cop. The movie has old-school commercial packaging with Vijay Antony as an honest and straight cop. Some good moments here and there make it an engaging watch. 

But there are few negative comments about the movie. The story is regular good cop giving messages galore. But the narration moves smoothly and makes it a decent watch. Some others feel the movie is an average commercial entertainer which plays well with the mass audience. 

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Thimiru Pudichavan Preview

What is Thimiru Pudichavan about?

Vijay Antony films are always about surprising the audience. The music director turned actor comes up with unique characters be it the billionaire who goes begging for the life of his mother in Pichaikaaran or the medico who is on a killing spree in Naan and Dr. Salim. With Thimiru Pudichavan, he turned as a furious cop. 

The movie packs an emotional punch with the characters showing their angst and fight for respect. The movie also promises to be action-packed as it is evidenced by the stunts in the trailer. Vijay Antony himself produces this directorial venture of Ganesha. This is the first time Vijay Antony portraying the role of a policeman. 

Thimiru Pudichavan promises

An intriguing tale of a cop

Thimiru Pudichavan is the tale of a policeman who stands for justice. The heroine Nivetha Pethuraj too dons the Khaki in the movie. She is stunning in the role. The movie is marked by intense action sequences where Vijay is seen fighting various goons. As we have seen in the animated theme song promo, the protagonist is the guardian of the city. With Vijay Antony playing an angry cop, we can be assured of an intense experience with the movie. 

Vijay Antony all the way

Vijay Antony is known for playing intense roles. He has built up his acting career carefully by selecting characters which suit his body language. For Thimiru Pudichavan, he has undergone a little bit of makeover with a fit body and a mustache. He also composed the musical score for the film expectedly and the Naga Naga song and the title track are already successful. Adding to all this, he has donned the role of the editor for this movie. 

Production values

The movie is produced by Vijay Antony Film Corporation which is guided by Vijay Antony himself. From what we have seen in the trailer material, the movie is made on high standards. The promo of the film is the proof as to how seriously Vijay has taken care of the film's promotion. The action sequences are going to be one of the highlights of the film. 

A 500-foot animated statue of the protagonist is created with the help of Coimbatore based Sivaprasad Velayudham and his team of animators. It was visually dazzling and is enough to say the movie is going to be a similar experience. 

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