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Drama, Satire Sep 7, 2018
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Theevandi Story

Director: Fellini T. P.

Cast: Tovino Thomas as Theevandi Bineesh, Samyuktha Menon as Devi, Sudheesh as Sugunan, Suraj Venjarammoodu as Madhu (Devi's Father), and Rajesh Sharma as Damodaran (Bineesh's father).

Theevandi tells the story of a youngster in the politically charged village of Pullinad in Kerala and his addiction to cigarettes. Bineesh was apparently stillborn child who comes to life suddenly when an uncle of his blows cigarette smoke into his face. As he grows up, he fetches his uncle Ammavan (the man who blew smoke) cigarettes. 

Slowly, while still a school going boy, Bineesh gets addicted to smoking. One day, he was caught up in the school while smoking as a friend of his makes an uninformed comment. When he was asked to bring his parents to the school, he takes the help of his uncle, Ammavan and manages things. 

Bineesh is later found to be a smoker when he was arrested by police when he goes outside to smoke at late night one day. His secret is revealed and everyone starts to call him Theevandi (a slang term for a chain smoker, the actual meaning is a train). As he grows up, he gets involved in local politics. He falls in love with Devi, a girl from a political family and belongs to a caste that d different from his. 

Devi's father comes up with a condition: Theevandi Bineesh has to cut down his smoking habit. As per the custom of Devi's community, Bineesh has to bring a Thaali for her. He buys one but always forgets to bring it to her home to show it to her father. Finally, he places it in a cigarette box so that he wouldn't forget it and takes it Devi's home. Heartbroken, Devi breaks up with him. How and if Devi and Bineesh get reunited and what role does the local politics play in all this form the rest of the story. 

Theevandi received mixed to positive reviews from the critics but went to become a commercial success. The movie is registered as a super hit at the box office. Tovino Thomas' performance as a chain-smoking youngster and Samyuktha Menon as an independent girl received praise from the critics and the audience. 

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