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Adventures of Jojo Review

U Adventure 2 hrs 4 mins Dec 21, 2018





Adventures of Jojo Review & Rating

Adventures Of Jojo Review: Child actors steal the show with their thrilling adventures

The Premise

Notable director Raj Chakraborty always wanted to make a film for children, and with Adventures Of Jojo, he has successfully crossed off this dream from his bucket list. Adventures Of Jojo is an adventurous movie for both children and adult alike. The movie promises to remind viewers of the good old adventurous comic books and movies they grew up to.

The Story

In short: A young boy befriends a boy of opposite cast and elephants. Together they stand against the poachers to secure the wildlife. Jojo is a loving urban kid who enjoys a casual reading to all kinds of books. He creates an imaginary friend Tobu and an elephants Notobar in his dreams. One day he visits his uncle in Baropahari in Arunachal Pradesh and gets fascinated with nature and the animals. He befriends a boy named Shibu, a rustic son of a mahout, who mostly grew up in the forest and an elephant Nonibal. Jojo learns about the beauty of forest and animals more closely as his friendship with Shibu ascend.

One day the trio discover dead remains of a tiger in the jungle and realises the hard reality of poaching. The undaunted trio then together pledges to stand against the poachers to save the environment and the wildlife. How measures they take and will they be able to secure success in their mission forms the rest of the story.

Raj's effort in making the film

It is Raj's honest efforts in recreating wildlife scenarios as we heard and saw on television and comics as a kid. Raj has used high-octane music and the visuals in the movie are surely a treat for the kids.

Jashojeet Banerjee did justice to his role, the way he shows his excitement in the film is admirable. His moves as a heroic young boy willing to go extent for the right cause steals the show.

On the other hand, Samiul Alam, in most of the scenes will remind you of the character 'Mowgli' from the jungle book. He is valiant, a pure jungle boy, who knows his game. The friendship shown between the two little protagonists transcends the social class. Rudranil Ghosh, as the evil and cruel poacher, puts a more thrilling ride to the film. He has his mindset for killing animals especially Cheengiz, a tiger.

Social message

The unusual friendship between a city-bred boy and a boy who grew in the midst of nature bars the class discrimination. The film is a depiction of how beautiful a child's mind is in preserving nature and environment which as adults most of us ignore. The movie gives a remarkable social message that the world is not only for mankind, but is for all the other living beings and especially nature.

Reminisce your childhood

As a kid, our imaginative minds would build stories, images and dreams. We grew up listening to and watching children's adventure books and stories. Adventures Of Jojo, if nothing, will take you on a thrilling ride back to the childhood memories. It is a colourful and visual treat for kids and also is a perfect way to reminisce the adventurous cinematic experiences we had as children.


It is a simple journey of a young boy who along with his friend tries to save the environment and wildlife. If you're not looking for some huge moments and want to enjoy a subtle adventurous movie to recall what you read in comic books as kids, Adventures Of Jojo will surely do! Watch the movie if you are still a kid by heart!


  • Raj Chakraborty's first attempt at children's film
  • Child Actor's brilliant performances
  • Original and intriguing story
  • The scenic beauties will remind you of 'The Jungle Book'
  • A beautiful social message


  • Incompatible heavy dialogues from child artists
  • Extreme usage of VFX

Pycker Rating: 3 out of 5

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Adventures of Jojo Preview

What is the film all about?

Adventures of Jojo is an adventure movie revolving around a young boy called Jojo. Jojo visits his uncle’s house which is near the jungle of Borpahari. There he befriends Shibu, son of an elephant man and went on a journey to save the tiger Chengis Khan and other wild animals from the hands of the poachers.

What to expect from the film?

Engaging plot

The movie deals with a serious issue of our country but instead of the adults, everything will be told from the perspective of the children. This sounds exciting. The adventure movie in the time of vacation can take the audience to another world and thrill them at the same time.

The child actors

With Adventures of Jojo Joshojit Banerjee, the son of actor Joyjit Banerjee is debuting on the silver screen. He already looked promising on the trailer. Shamiul Alam, who plays Shibu in the film has amazed us at his first outing in Sahaj Paather Gappo and everyone is looking forward to see his second film.


The film has been shot in the beautiful locations of the jungles of Arunachal Pradesh. The audience didn’t get to see this much greenery in a film for a long time. Nature plays a key role in this movie and it looks awesome.


Raj Chakraborty has directed his first children film. The movie has an original story and it looks fresh. There will be lots of expectation from him.

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