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Thattathin Marayath Full Movie

Comedy, Drama, Romance 2 hrs 7 mins Jul 6, 2012
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Thattathin Marayath Story

Director: Vineeth Sreenivasan

Cast: Nivin Pauly as Vinod, Isha Talwar as Aisha, Aju Varghese as Abdu, Sreenivasan as Abdul Rahman, Manoj K Jayan as SI Prem Kumar, Aparna Nair as Mehru, Joju George as Viswan

Vinod who hails from a middle-class Hindu family is in love with Aisha who comes from an influential Muslim family. He gets arrested for trespassing into Aisha's house compound at night and learning that the boy has gone there to see his girlfriend, the police ask him to narrate his love story. 

Vinod tells the police that he first saw Aisha in a marriage function where he collided with her and made her fall down the staircase losing consciousness. She gets admitted in the hospital and seeing her on the hospital bed sleeping peacefully, Vinod instantly falls in love with her. He manages to leave her sorry note. 

Vinod desperately tries to win the heart of Aisha. He along with his close friends Abdu and Mustafa follows her around and even participates in the University Cultural Festival to get a chance to talk to her. Later, overcome by feeling he goes to Aisha's house at night and confesses his love. Aisha doesn't reply anything but a few days later she reciprocates his feeling by writing a letter. A few days later, Vinod again tries to meet Aisha at her home thinking that there is nobody. But he gets caught and is sent to the police station. 

Listening to Vinod's story, SI Premkumar sends his full support to Vinod and promises to help him unite with Aisha. Vinod tries to reach out to Aisha by sending her letters through Hamza who is Aisha's tutor. Vinod opens a Purdah shop to earn a living and he asks Aisha to inaugurate it. Aisha agrees and while returning from the inauguration function in a car gets blocked by moral police. Aisha's family finds out about this and they keep her under house arrest.

Meanwhile, an incident that happens in Aisha father's elder brothers factory develops into a communal riot and her father Aisha's father Abdul Rahman gets attacked. To avoid more danger, Aisha's uncle insists the family should immediately move to Trivandrum. Aisha requests her father to let her see Vinod for one last time and he agrees. She meets Vinod and the next day, Abdul Rahman realizes that he should allow Aisha to live with the one she loves and leave her behind.

Aisha tries to call Vinod but his phone is switched off. With the help of SI Premkumar, they find him sitting by the sea bridge and Aisha proposes him to marry her. 

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