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Thanu...Vachenanta Full Movie

A Comedy, Horror Oct 21, 2016
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Thanu Vachenanta Story

Director: Venkat Kacharla

Cast: Teja Kakumanu as Teja, Rashmi Gautham as Shruti, Dhanya Balakrishna as Swetha, Chalaki Chanti as Chanti

Thanu Vachenanta is a horror comedy which has Teja Kakamanu, Dhanya Balakrishna and Rashmi Gautham in the lead roles. The film starts off with the introduction of Teja (Teja Kakamanu) who is about to commit suicide. But Chanti (Chalaki Chanti) comes to his rescue and saves him. The Teja reveals his past to Chanti that Teja was in love with a girl named Swetha (Dhanya Balakrishna) but could not marry her because of his family problems.

He later marries Shruti (Rashmi Gautham) but they both face problems because of his past relationship with his girlfriend. After listening to this, Chanti along with Teja try out different things to come out of the problem but things only get worse. Then unusual things start to happen because of one of their mistakes. What is that mistake? Who is haunting them and why? forms the rest of the story.

Thanu Vachenanta opened to a decent response from the audience and critics. Rashmi Gautham's performance and Chalaki Chanti's rib-tickling comedy were said to be the major highlights of the film. The weak narration and uneven screenplay played the spoilsport in the film which ended the film as an average grosser at the box office.

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