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U/A Crime, Thriller Mar 1, 2019





Thadam Review & Rating


Thadam Review: A Well Constructed Thriller 

The premise

A perfect crime. Executed flawlessly (of course, it's a perfect crime) by a group of people. And the investigation that ensues. We have seen hundreds of movies. But thrillers being thrillers, they always intrigue and catch the attention of the audience. Arun Vijay starrer is one in the long line of thrillers to come out of the Tamil Cinema and let's see if this film joins the list of films that have dominated the box office for the last few months. 

The story

A group of unrelated people commits an apparently perfect crime. But the police have no clue as to who committed the murder and how it is done. One of the suspects has a lookalike (Thadam means imprint). Then we have to know about the group of people who are said to be involved with the murder. 

Kavin is a petty thief who has nothing but money on his mind. He involves in various financial crimes with his friend Suruli. Suruli is not your ordinary sidekick we come to expect from an actor like Yogi Babu. He is a selfish person and can do anything to advance his cause. He doesn't even reciprocate the love of Aanandhi who loves him with her life. 

Then there is Ezhil who is a small time employee in a construction business. All he dreams of is to earn enough money like a law-abiding citizen and settle down in life with his lady love Deepika. Investigating the case is a crooked policeman (After all, this is a thriller and a crooked policeman is a staple of the genre right?) Gopalakrishnan, played by Vijayan. 

Having a grudge on Ezhil, he arrests the young man and wants to finish the case off quickly and get Ezhil the maximum possible punishment. But an unexpected event leads to life and death questions. And some rude awakening occurs to both Ezhil and Gopalakrishnan. How the puzzle is solved and if the real culprit has meted out with justice form the rest of the story. 

Writing and direction

Thadam is a tautly constructed murder mystery with some philosophical questions about life and existence. The director explored the psychology behind the crime and treated all his characters as ordinary human beings in flesh and blood rather than in terms of good and bad. This added an unexpected depth to the proceedings. 

Another point that helped the film is the right number of twists at the right places to turn every presumption upside down. The narration flows smoothly for the most part. Though the story element comes deep into the first half, the character building help keep the audience glued to the screen. The second half witness a bit of a dip early on but the next twist thrusts the narration to the next level once again. 

The performances

Arun Vijay has a field day with the dual role of Ezhil and Kavin which are poles apart in terms of the outlook of life and mannerisms. He made most of the chance to play two entirely different roles in the movie. Easily one of the most memorable performances in his career. Yogi Babu is terrific in his role. Vidya Pradeep is competent in her role as a responsible cop. FEFSI Vijayan as Gopalakrishnan is menacing as the crooked police officer. Rest of the actors did a fine job in their respective roles. 

The crew

The music by Arun Raj is excellent. The background score is superb. It elevated the mystery element of the film. The cinematography by S. Gopinath is gritty. The editing by N. B. Srikanth is good. The production design is superb and created the right atmosphere pertaining to the film. The production values are first rate from the makers The Cinema People. 


The director Magizh Thirumeni delivered on the promise of a tight thriller with some serious questions for the audience. Strong performances and sublime narration make it a worthy successor to many of the recent well-loved thrillers from Tamil filmmakers in the last one year. With no other good movies in sight, Thadam can rule the box office well. Watch it. You won't be disappointed. 


  • Taut narration
  • Intriguing mystery
  • Top-notch performances
  • Well-executed twists


  • Slight dip in the narration in the early portion of the second half

Pycker Rating: 3 out of 5

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Thadam User Reviews

  • Sikkander

    17 Mar 19 @ 11:29 PM

    nice no boring
  • Hari

    1 Mar 19 @ 4:13 PM

    Vera level

  • Hari

    1 Mar 19 @ 4:13 PM

    Vera level

Thadam Live Updates & Public Talk

Arun Vijay starrer Thadam is one of the interesting films in early 2019. The movie is surrounded by a bit of buzz courtesy the intriguing trailer and the success of Arun Vijay's previous film albeit in an ensemble cast. The movie is said to be a thriller with a difference. The movie opened to a hugely positive response from the critics and the early watchers. Mostly the praise is centered around the intriguing narration and the twists that came out of the blue. 

The general consensus about the movie is that it is a twist-ridden thriller with a lot of unexpected events. Magizh Thirumeni's direction also received considerable praise. Arun Vijay's dual act and the music by the newcomer Arun Raj received appreciation from the early watchers. The background score is said to be excellent. Though the first half received near unanimous positive response, few among the audience complained about the drags in the second half. 

Stay tuned for more Thadam public talk and live updates. 

Thadam Preview

What is Thadam About?

Young hero Arun Vijay comes up with another thriller hot on the heels of his previous outing, the blockbuster Chekka Chivantha Vaanam. Touted to be a film based on true events, Thadam is about an ongoing investigation of a crime which was committed in broad daylight but with no evidences. This film marks the second collaboration between Arun Vijay and director Magizh Thirumeni. 

Top comedian Yogi Babu appears to be playing a significant role in the film's mystery as we have seen him prominently in the closing shot of the trailer. With the director promising to make an imprint on the minds of the audience (Thadam means Imprint), the movie is turning out to be a viable option for the movie buffs this weekend. 

Thadam Promises

A tautly constructed investigative thriller

A crime happens. In broad daylight. And an investigation follows. Arun Vijay plays another role with grey shades in this movie. Despite having a romantic thread for him, he will mostly be seen in a serious avatar which suited him to the tee. As per the director, Thadam deals with human nature and what pushes human beings to resort to crimes. An interesting subject and if made well, this film will surely become part of the long line of top-class Tamil thrillers in recent times. 

The lead actors

Arun Vijay needs no introduction for those who watched him in movies like Kutram and Yennai Arindhaal. Even in the latest Mani Ratnam directorial Chekka Chivantha Vaanam, the actor stood his ground amidst more popular and seasoned actors. This shows he has loads of talent. 

Tanya Hope plays the lead female in the movie with Vijaya Pradeep and Sonia Aggarwal in crucial roles. Arun Vijay might be playing a dual role or a role with two shades. He has shown his tough as nails attitude in the trailer with the dialogue, Poramai, kovam, verupu. A promising thriller on cards. 

Magizh Thirumeni and his team

Magizh Thirumeni who last helmed Meaghamann in 2014 has taken a relatively long gap in between. Now, he returns with Thadam to make his own imprint on Tamil Cinema (pun intended). He roped in Arun Raj, a freshman to compose the score of this film and from what we have seen in the promos and the trailer he did a splendid job in upping the tension which is important for such films. S. Gopinath's cinematography promises to be intriguing and atmospheric typical of this genre. The Cinema People which bankrolls this film seems to have done a decent job in production scale. 

Keep watching for Thadam review, rating, and analysis.