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Tera Intezaar Review

A Drama, Mystery, Romance 1 hrs 48 mins Dec 1, 2017





Tera Intezaar Review & Rating

'Tera Intezaar' is a romantic thriller starring Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan in the lead roles. Arbaaz Khan makes a comeback as a leading man in this film. The film tells the story of Veer (Arbaaz Khan) and Raunak(Sunny Leone)'s love story and how things go wrong one day when Veer goes missing.

Rating 1 from  firstpost

Dotted with one forgettable song after another, mostly depicting Veer and Rounak’s love story,&nb...

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The acting performances are all over the place. Everyone acts like they're in a different genre. The chemistry between Arbaaz Khan and Sunny Leone is very poor and Arbaaz looks like an elderly man opposite Sunny. The supporting cast which includes Aarya Babbar and Sudha Chandran also fail to perform well.

Rating 0.5 from  indianexpress

The film's special effects are so tacky -- I'll spare you the details -- that Doordarshan's 1980s...

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The story is another weird supernatural one with elements of a romance and thriller. The dialogues of the film are completely over the top and not relatable to real life. The actors have nothing to work with and all the songs other than 'Sexy Barbie Girl' are forgettable and bland.

Rating from  hindustantimes

It’s another weird supernatural film featuring Sunny Leone.There isn’t anything to talk about its...

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Verdict: 'Tera Intezaar' is a really bad film that has nothing right. The acting, story and music all fail to entertain. This film should be missed.

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  • Satya

    2 Dec 17 @ 9:30 AM

     Tera Intezaar is a pathetic attempt from the makers and I have nothing much to speak except for Sunny Leone's presence. Right from the story to performances everything is so pathetic. The movie being a romantic thriller we expect a superb chemistry between the lead pair which is not the case here and there's absolutely no chemistry between Arbaaz and Sunny Leone. Except for few scenes and one song, there's nothing much good about the film. It would be better if I don't speak about the special effects in the film which are funny at times. Finally, Tera Intezaar is a lackluster film which is poorly written and very poorly executed.

Tera Intezaar Preview

What is it about?

‘Tera Intezaar’ is romantic-thriller starring Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan in the lead roles. The story is about a couple (Sunny Leone and Arbaaz Khan) who enjoy marital bliss and promise not to part till death separates them. All seems to be well till one fine day Arbaaz goes missing mysteriously and all hell breaks loose upon Sunny who decides to find out the mystery behind the sudden disappearance of her husband rather than come to terms with his death. Will Sunny’s true love return, will she be able to solve the mystery behind her missing husband, all this leads to an intriguing finale.

What to expect?

Arbaaz Khan and Sunny Leone’s on-screen chemistry
This is the first time that the sizzling pair of Arbaaz Khan and Sunny Leone will appear on-screen. Their crackling chemistry is obvious in the trailer which is bound to set the tempo of this mystery-thriller.

Sunny Leone’s steamy scenes
Sunny Leone’s steamy scenes and ravishing outfits are enough reason to make the temperature soar once again. Her romantic sequences and dance numbers is another reason to set the screen on fire.

Thriller mystery
It’s yet another thriller-mystery with a difference. The taut screenplay and edge of the seat scenes are bound to keep the audiences guessing as the story unfolds. Going by the trailer the film has all the ingredients that will keep you hooked until the very end.

Background score
The background score is expected to be the highlight of this romantic thriller which elevates each scene. The songs too are catchy and Raaj Aashoo has done a commendable job with the music as they take the story forward.

Scenic locales
The scenic locales including the ones in the USA where the film has been shot majorly serve as the highlight of the movie. And, Sunny hogging the limelight in each frame will enlighten the proceedings.

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