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Tarikh Review

U/A Drama 1 hrs 57 mins Apr 12, 2019





Tarikh Review & Rating

  • Tarikh movie review: Churni Ganguly turns an idea into a film

The Premise:

Churni Ganguly's Tarikh nurtures the idea of death, but not as the end of a life but the film sees it through its effect on the others, how others close to the deceased person copes with the loss and moves on. It explores the timeline of social networking site as a documentation of one's life, his dreams, failures, and life. It also tries to find the authenticity of one's virtual life with the comparison of reality.

The Direction

Churni Ganguly as a director has done a wonderful job by turning a basic idea into a beautiful film. She narrates the story to convey the message. The film revolves around three people Anirban (Saswata Chatterjee), Ira (Raima Sen), and Rudra (Ritwick Chakraborty).

Anirban, a professor, a communist who once had a dream of changing the world, has failed massively. Ira (Raima), his pretty wife whose only priority is her family and closed ones and Rudra, their best friend. Churni narrates their tale gradually discovering their world both real and virtual.

The Cast

The film has a brilliant cast who carry the film on their shoulder. Saswata, Raima, and Ritwick delivered a tremendous performance. Their natural interaction made the premise credible.

The Crew

The film will be remembered for its camerawork. It Tarikh becomes a visual treat and the camera keeps capturing every emotion of its characters, the beauty of the city, creating a collage of floating moments


Tarikh may make you face the invincible truth of our lives which we often try to avoid. However, the film is slow-paced and the first half shows little to no happenings. However, it is still worth a watch.


  • Leading trio
  • Camera work


  • Slow paced

Pycker Rating: 3.5

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Tarikh Preview

What is Tarikh all about? 

Tarikh revolves around the idea of the importance of every date in our lives. The film has three people played by Saswata, Ritwick, and Raima at its center. It also decodes the importance of social media in our lives.

What to expect from the film?

Brilliant direction

National Award winning filmmaker Churni Ganguly has returned behind the camera after a break after she delivered an amazing "Nirbashito". No wonder, the expectation will be high. 

The cast

The stellar cast is a reason to watch the movie. Actors like Saswata Chatterjee, Ritwick Chakraborty and Raima Sen come in the same screen for this movie. The performance will be worth a watch.

The idea

The film's concept is attractive and interesting. Just when the audience is finally accepting that the content is the king, the film will definitely grab attention. The hype from festival circuit will add up for sure.

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