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Taramani Review

A Drama, Romance 2 hrs 30 mins Aug 11, 2017





Taramani Review & Rating


The long-delayed film 'Taramani' stirred up curiosity ever since its inception for obvious reasons. Mainly for its director Ram and an intriguing subject on relationships in the contemporary world.  

Living up to our expectations, Ram once again nails the film with his directorial brilliance. The film explores independence, family, relationships and life in general in this technologically advanced world. Andrea gives a terrific performance. It keeps you hooked to the narrative from start to end. 

Rating 3.5 from  moviecrow

The love-hate relationship of this lead duo is not the typical one arising out of ego that we hav...

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Unlike many films, 'Taramani' doesn't preach anything about relationships but honestly tries to shed light on the extremeties of our biased view on women. And how men realize their mistakes only after its too late. It is bold and relavant and a must watch.  

Rating 3 from  indiaglitz

Ram the writer-director has used a brilliant ploy to lift the screenplay whenever it sags, by usi...

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It is neither a women-centric film nor boasts of masculinity. Like any other Ram's movie, 'Taramani' too is hard-hitting, well-told tale of several things. It talks about desire, greed, lust, hypocrisy, compassion, frustration and many more complex concepts of the human psyche. 

Rating 3.5 from  indiatimes

Apart from narrating the stories of a few characters, Taramani also attempts to remind people abo...

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To sum up, 'Taramani' is another blockbuster hard-hitting movie from director Ram that you shouldn't miss at any cost. 

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Taramani Live Updates & Public Talk

Acclaimed filmmaker Ram's 'Taramani' has hit the screens and is receiving extremely positive reviews. Along with strong performances from the lead cast, the story set in in the backdrop of present-day relationship situations is well appreciated.

Let's check how the public is responding to 'Taramani', its plus and minus points. 

As expected 'Taramani' is getting rave reviews from the first show of its screening. The matures story and the way director dealt with today's youth issues such as dating, relationships, individual freedom is very well appreciated by the audience.

The film is a sure shot winner among the normal audience and the film critics. It mainly talked about the compelling story and how well it talks about dyanamic relationships of this generation. Yuvan Shankar Raja's intriguing background score and songs are also well appreciated. 


Taramani Preview

What is it about? 

'Taramani' basically looks at the present-day relationships set in the backdrop of Indian IT industry. It doesn't straghtway make the statements on pros and cons of a male-famele relationship in this advanced world but tries to exlplore the dyanamics of it through three main characters. 

What can be expected? 

  • National Award winning filmmaker Ram's mark of direction and tightly knitted screenplay 
  • Strong characterization of each actor
  • Brilliant visuals by cinematographer Theni Easwar
  • Intriguing background score by Yuvan Sankar Raja 
  • Strong performances by Andrea Jermiah, Vasanth Ravi, Anjali and other supporting actors