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Tamizh Padam 2 Full Movie

U Comedy 2 hrs 23 mins Jul 12, 2018
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Tamizh Padam 2 Story

Director: CS Amudhan

Cast: Shiva as Shiva and Bharathamuni, Disha Pandey as Priya, Iswarya Menon as Remya Gayathri and Khaleesi. Sathish as Pandiya and Piyaar. Kalairani as Shiva's grandmother.

A village is affected with communal riot and Police find no way to settle the issue. A constable suggests the higher authorities inform Shiva, a police officer who left the department. Shiva arrives and solves the problem. A don kills Shiva's wife and Shiva is forced to rejoin the department and he joins as an undercover cop. 

He is sent on a mission to capture the dreaded on Pandiya aka P. Meanwhile Shiva falls in love with Aishwarya and on his grandmother's request he decides to marry her. Shiva arrives in America on a mission to hunt down P and there, P escapes from the Police and kills Aishwarya. Shiva returns to India with the motive to avenge P. 

Shiva gets an information where P is hidden and he kills P. But twist happens when he and the department see P declaring his political entry the very next day. Shiva is sent out of the department and he meets a god-man. The God-man explains why P isn't killed and guide Shiva to get the help of a time machine and go back to the past in order to destroy the supernatural powers of P.

Shiva goes back to BC 1492, destroys P and returns back. There he comes to know that his girlfriend is kidnapped by P. Shiva reveals to P that the powers are destroyed and he finally takes down the dreaded don P. This spoof Parody by CS Amudhan has collected wonderful initials at the box office.

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