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Sweater Review

U Slice of Life 1 hrs 58 mins Mar 29, 2019





Sweater Review & Rating

Sweater Review: Pretty Simple, Pretty Brilliant, and Pretty Beautiful

The premise

Sometimes, all we want is to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Like stretching on the couch with popcorn mug or a snack bucket and enjoying a favorite TV show. Or reading a book smelling rain with a cup of coffee in the verandah. Nothing can beat the joy in simple things in life sometimes. Greatness be damned! 

Same is the case with enjoying simple films. We don't need any big issues to be discussed in the plot or even a new technology introduced. All we need is a movie that pleasantly unfolds before eyes. And nothing more. Such films are rare in Bengali Cinema but this week we have one such as a refreshing change. 

Tuku's Sweater

Tuku played by the pleasant looking Isha Saha is your average young woman who dreams of getting married. She has no particularly good skills. Nor does she is strikingly rich. Her pretty simple looks come in the way of her getting matches. When one of the prospective mothers-in-law comes up with a condition, Tuku takes the challenge as she has no other option. 

What's the challenge? Is Tuku asked to tame a Naja Naja? Or Tuku is expected to rob an international bank? No! Not even taking a bungee jumping. All she has to do is to knit a sweater (the eponymous sweater) which should be as good as, if not better, than the one knitted by the prospective mother-in-law. She goes to her aunt's home to learn knitting. Could Tuku learn to knit properly? How and if she satisfies the woman who challenged her and takes her son's hand in marriage form the rest of the story. 

Pretty great performances

Isha Saha as Tulika or Tuku is pretty brilliant (excuse the pun) in the role of a timid girl who has to transform herself to fulfill her dream of a good marriage. Her understated good looks and elegant histrionics adds charm to the proceedings. Kharaj Mukherjee who played Tuku's father is excellent in his role as a blabbering middle-aged person. 

June Malia is wickedly good as the prospective mother-in-law who challenges Tuku to the knitting match. Anuradha is fun as the head-strong sister of Tulika. Farhan is nice as the laidback music lover. Sreelekha Mitra steals the show as the aunt who teaches Tuku the art of knitting. 

Neat writing and direction

The screenplay by Shiladitya Moulik which is based on a short story by Joeeta Sengupta flows like a stream which makes our mood pleasant just looking at. The narration is pretty simple without unnecessary glitz which adds enchantment to the film. The second half of the second act of the film could have been better with more focus on showing Tuku learning knitting. 

Also, the transformation of Tuku from a meek girl to an upright young lady could also have been dealt with a bit deeper. We observe a sudden change just like that. The director might have wanted to quickly wrap up the film suddenly or what? But leave aside all these smaller quirks, Sweater is a pleasant watch thanks to the fantastic direction by Shiladitya. 

The crew

The music of the music is another bigger highlight with the background score taking the cake. It goes hand in hand with the narration. The cinematography is elegant. Editing is sharp without being over the top. The art department did a fine job with some excellent sets and locations which oozes simplicity. The production values are decent. 


If you want to watch a film which is more about simple things of life or to treat yourself with some good moments, Sweater is a movie for you. Even when you are a serious movie lover, you can give it a chance for the subtly powerful storytelling. Sweater is a rare film that is all the more beautiful because of the simplicity in the narration. Pretty Simple. Pretty understated. pretty brilliant. A pretty film. The case rests!


  • Elegantly simple storytelling
  • Excellent performances
  • Soulful music


  • The second half of the second half seems a bit rushed

Pycker Rating: 3.25 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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Sweater Preview

What is the film all about?

Sweater revolves around Tuku, an ordinary girl with not much talent. The girl gets rejected as a potential bride every time a bridegroom party visits their house. One day a woman selects her as a suitable one but there is a bizarre clause. Tuku must weave a sweater. She will be finalized only if she weaves a sweater for her son and it looks impressive. Tuku takes up the challenge and for the first time, she tries to do something with full enthusiasm but for herself not for the others.

What to expect from the film?

Heart-warming story

Based on Wool Kaata, a short story by Joeeta Sengupta, the film promises a simple yet heart-warming story of a woman trying to find her own identity. The coming-of-age movie has shown potential in the trailer. The audience will expect a lovely story that connects well.


The film has no big star but an amazing ensemble cast that includes Kharaj Mukherjee, Ishaa Saha, Sreelekha Mitra, June Malaya, and others. No wonder that the audience has high expectation from the acting lineup. 


Composed by a lesser-known composer Aditya Chatterjee, the soundtracks are soulful and heart-warming, to say the least. The songs are already doing great on social media. This will definitely grab the attention of the viewers.


The trailer has given us a glimpse of the film's picturization and cinematography. It looks wonderful. It is expected the same will be seen in the film as well.



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