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Swathanthryam Ardharathriyil Full Movie

U Action, Thriller 1 hrs 39 mins Mar 31, 2018
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Swathanthyam Ardharathriyil Story

Director: Tinu Pappachan

Cast: Antony Varghese as Jacob Varghese, Vinayakan as Simon- a jail inmate, Chemban Vinod Jose as Devassya- a jail inmate, Tito Wilson as Udayan-a jail inmate, Aswathy Manoharan as Betty-Jacob's lover, Kichu Tellus as Charlie- driver of Appachan's company

The film is an 'action-thriller' with a plot set in a sub-jail and revolving around the escape of a few prisoners in remand. Betty is a murder-accused and Jacob misleads the police and flees with Betty. But Jacob is arrested and police brutally thrash him to get the details of Charlie. Jacob and Charlie worked in Businessman Appachan's company. Jacob had killed the Inspector who had tortured Betty. He reveals this to Charlie and wants to escape. Charlie flees with 3.5 crore from Appachan's company and left for Australia promising to take Jacob and Betty once he reaches there.

Meanwhile, Jacob and Simon wants to escape from jail and make a detailed escape-route. They dig a tunnel through their toilet with the help of Devassya and two other twins who are thieves. At night, Jacob, Simon, Devassy, Udayan and the twin brothers begin their escape down the tunnel. However, Jacob and Udayan gets into a fight during their escape. All of them escape except Udayan who  is caught by the police. The escaped inmates jump into a river and take boats.

In the end, Jacob takes Betty along. Devassya will reach West Bengal in a day or two, Simon escapes in another boat. All are going to Australia to meet Charlie.

The movie was as hit and the debut Director Tinu Pappachan was appreciated for adopting an ordinary theme and coating it with a refreshing treatment. The dark tone keeps the audience hooked throughout because of the ferocious treatment. The jail-break movie gave some thrilling moments due to the aggressive treatment and awesome performance of the actors.

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