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Suryakantham Review

U Drama, Romance 2 hrs 19 mins Mar 29, 2019





Suryakantham Review & Rating

Suryakantham Review: Not-So-Engaging New Age Romantic Comedy

The premise

Suryakantham is a household name in Teluguland what with the wild popularity of the iconic yesteryear actress. People of Telugu origin do not even name their kids Suryakantham shows the impact the venerable actress created with her portrayal of shrews and cruel mother-in-law roles in hundreds of Telugu films. When the movie Suryakantham was announced with Niharika Konidela, everyone expected a different film from the young actress. 

The story

Suryakantham the film revolves around the adventures and misadventures of the eponymous heroine, played by Niharika Konidela. But her role is shown in the form flashes without giving away much of what she thinks in the initial phases of the movie. The first half of the film is narrated from the point of view of the hero, Abhi, played by Rahul Vijay.

Suryakantham is a mischievous girl with a lot of issues but appears to be a lively girl. Abhi first falls for her attitude and then to her. He decides to marry her but finds her to be missing when he was thinking of proposing her. As time passes by, he is forced by his parents to marry a girl of their choice. He also relents and when the engagement is about to start, Suryakantham apparates before him. She herself proposes to him. 

Now the story is narrated from the point of view of Suryakantham. Why she has disappeared? What happened to her in the interim? Does she really love Abhi? Or is there anything wrong with the behavior of Abhi that hurt Suryakantham? The answers to these questions form the rest of the story. 

The performances

Niharika Konidela has suited the role of Suryakantham to the T. She is perfect in her expressions and has shown a lot of ease in histrionics. It is a treat for her fans and the followers of her past web series Muddapappu Aavakaay. Rahul Vijay is decent in the role of Abhi who has confusion as to whom he really wants to share his life. 

Perlene is a revelation in the movie. Hers is the only character in the film which has no confusion in her life's choices. Looks wise too she is good. Suhasini Mani Ratnam did a fabulous job as Suryakantham's mother in the limited role she is given. Sivaji Raja and Madhumani as Abhi's parents did a decent job. 

Writing and direction

The story of the movie has several similarities to many of the recent Bollywood and even to some extent to Niharika's own Happy Wedding. The narration started on a decent note but lost its way through the second half. The first half has some fun quotient. Suryakantham's characterization is inconsistent. The reason for her commitment phobia is not properly established which lead the audience unable to empathize with her. The direction is partly good. Overall the movie has a web series feel than a feature film. 

The crew

The music of the movie is okayish. The background score is pretty average with many regular sounds to cover for expressions. The cinematography is good. But there is no spark in it pertaining to the genre. We expect colorful frames for such a romantic comedy with fun quotient. But it turned out not the case. The editing is decent as there are no unnecessary jerks. The production design is average. The production values are not so great. 


All in all, Suryakantham is not a memorable outing as the title of the movie suggests. We get a feel of watching a mashup of several web series and Bollywood movies in the recent past. You can try it if you need to kill time for the lead actor's performances or the quirky humor in the first half. Else, safely skip. 


  • Lead actors


  • Web series vibes
  • We have seen it all many times already

Pycker Rating: 2 out of 5

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Suryakantham Live Updates & Public Talk

Suryakantha projected as a breezy romantic comedy with loads of fun is a movie on which Niharika Konidela has pinned all her hopes. Despite positive reviews for her performance, Niharika has yet to get a proper breakthrough in Tollywood. With the preview shows and the early and morning shows coming to an end, Suryakantham has been receiving a mixed response from the critics and the early watchers.

While Niharika's performance and the basic premise of a selfish girl and her misadventures get positive words, the drag in the narration and lack of seriousness in certain areas are negatively commented upon. 

Niharika nailed the role of Suryakantham a selfish young lady. She portrayed the character with grey shades authentically. The first half of the movie is decent and there are no boring moments. Some comments say it appears like a web series converted as a feature film and some areas are boring. Some say the film is like a cool breeze in the summer time. All in all Niharika's performance in the eponymous role is commended by one and all. 

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