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U/A Action, Thriller 2 hrs 46 mins Sep 20, 2019





Kaappaan Review & Rating

Kaappaan Review: Forgettable Outing For Suriya And Mohanlal

What could have been an interesting espionage thriller or even a tautly constructed political thriller with national intrigue, Kaappaan ends up as a pale imitation of the genre of the films that made yesteryear super heroes Arjun and Captain Vijaykanth household names. Alas! However talented he is, when it comes to performance, Suriya is miserably out of touch when it comes to selecting subjects for his next, and next, and next films. 

That Malayalam superstar Mohanlal has played an important role in this film is overshadowed by the insipid narration and lackadaisical direction by K. V. Anand who has given films like Ko and Maattrraan. A small-scale multi-starrer, Kaappaan is an opportunity wasted. Let's see if there is any merit in this film to warrant a one-time-watch tag. 

Unimaginatively named Chandrakanth Varma is the Prime Minister of India. For a character that is essayed by a complete actor like Mohanlal, it is grossly undercooked. The movie comes to the point straight. The life of the Prime Minister is under threat and he needs to be protected at any cost. At any cost??? he's the prime Minister buddies. He deserves to be given proper protection. 

Just like in all the films of the past, the Prime Minister is made a dummy and there is no weight given to the characterization. The director might have thought that casting an actor of the stature of Mohanlal would be enough. But what does the PM do in his day to day life? What's his vision? Why his life is under threat? And what actions he takes to counter it other than having an officer taking care of everything like Kathir (Suriya in a poorly written role) does in this film?

Suriya played the role of a Special Protection Force officer who doubles up as a farmer. Rather than completely dedicating his time to his duty, he lectures about farming and there are scenes similar to the recent Tollywood film Maharshi starring Mahesh Babu. The entire thread of Boman Irani has similar vibes to Jagapathi Babu's thread in the said movie. 

The same internal problems and the same threats to the life of the Prime Minister. Instead of a damsel in distress, here, the unheroic looking hero has to rescue the PM time and again. The story goes nowhere and the twists are poorly constructed and the final outcome is too predictable. But how the director couldn't predict the outcome of his film (that of the audience walking out in the middle of the show) is anyone's guess. 

The music is not good. The background score is strictly passable. The cinematography is Okay! The editor seems to be absent the entire time. Else, he would have chopped off at least 2 hours of the film. The production design and production values are good considering the stellar cast. 

Dear Suriya, 

You're a capable actor and had already proven you can play any type of role. Means... you're versatile. But it appears that you have forgotten how to select proper subjects for your films. Just take a break and comeback strongly. That's all!

Pycker Rating: N/A

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