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U Action, Drama 2 hrs 28 mins May 31, 2019





NGK Review & Rating


NGK Review: One More Political Film That Could Have Been Better

The premise

There has been a lot of anticipation on Suriya’s NGK (Nanda Gopala Kumaran/Nanda Gopala Krishna) and also the fans pinned their hopes on this political drama for more than a few reasons. Suriya though he’s still the star he’s always, hasn’t seen a proper blockbuster in a long long time. And the director, Selvaraghavan (Sri Raghava), makes a return to helm a feature film after a long gap of 6 years. 

Both of them have a point to prove and let’s see how this outing turned out for them with NGK review. The movie hit the screen’s today in multiple languages including Tamil and Telugu where both the actor and director have considerable recognition and following. 

The story

Nanda Gopal is an educated youth who wants to make a difference to the society. He left his corporate job and turns his attention to organic farming. He’s also not one to stand like a spectator when an unfortunate incident happens before his eyes. He tries to solve it by means of his interference. These things lead to troubles to him and his families. After an interesting incident related to his own life makes him realise that for common people it is not easily possible to get things done. 

He understands that though most of the educated youth don’t put their heads into politics for various reasons, it is the need of the hour that such youngsters with a fire under their belly to act, not just speak. He transforms himself into a man of action. After going through a lot of trouble and facing hurdles, he comes within striking distance of reaching his goal. 

What’s NGK’s goal? What hurdles he faced in achieving it? How his wife helped him in his cause? And if he could make a difference to the society? The answers to these questions form the crux of the story. 

More questions less answers

Selvaraghavan has already made a film on the rise if an individual into a system in the form of Pudhupettai. Only that the story in that film concerns that of hands and gangsters. But his style is gritty and the narration remains grounded. The same happened with NGK too. But unfortunately he didn’t do his homework properly. He just scratched the surface of it. Another thing that played spoilsport is the characterisation of certain important roles. 

The narration is lackadaisical. Despite an intriguing setting, we have seen it all. Also, he hasn’t offered at least a theoretical solution any of the issues he tried to touch. The screenplay has no soul. The only thing that clicked in his work is the dialogues. Raghavan should have come up with an alternative take on an already beaten to death subject (hero becomes a Chief Minister). 

The performances come to rescue

Suriya is superb in his role as the educated youth who doesn’t run away from his responsibility to the society. His sincere efforts worked well and he shined all though the film. But that, just, is not enough. Be it his body language or his dialogue delivery (the dubbing in Telugu is stale is another matter) are at the finest. Sai Pallavi is wasted in an unworthy role. Her characterisation is right out of the 80s. Rakul Preet received a meaty role as a political strategist (remember Priya Anand in LKG?) and did well enough to make the scenes rock. 

The crew

The songs in the film are bland. The background score is first rate. Yuvan Shankar Raja once again delivered his best punch for Selvaraghavan. The cinematography is good in parts. Certain sequences could have been canned better. The atmospheric setting is good.  The production design is similar to other Selvaraghavan films. The production values are okayish. 


If you expect a bang of s film from the combination of Suriya and Selvaraghavan, you’ll most certainly be disappointed. The film will appeal to Suriya fans and could be watched for him. In other words, better skip it unless you have no other alternatives.


  • Suriya
  • Core idea
  • Dialogues


  • Execution lacks intent
  • Narration is pretty poor
  • Lack of soul
  • Sai Pallavi characterization 

Pycker Rating: 2 out of 5

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NGK User Reviews

  • Ram

    2 Jun 19 @ 2:32 PM

    Ngk is sure blockbuster movie those who not liked NGK Movies they are immature Its a sure political superb movie suriya + selva + U1 = Awesome

  • VîShãl

    2 Jun 19 @ 10:20 AM

  • Vel

    1 Jun 19 @ 11:27 AM

    Its Not Cinematic Style... Its More Than One It's Realistic One... 

NGK Live Updates & Public Talk

Most highly anticipated summer movie of the year, NGK starring Shriya, Rakul Preet Singh, and Sai Pallavi has hit the screens today. It marks the return to directing a film of Selvaraghavan after a gap of half a dozen years. The political action thriller is not politically charged but appears to be a solution oriented hopefully. 

Sirius who is also in the need of a proper blockbuster result for a similarly long time has pinned his hopes on this intense film. With a talented cast and a perfectionist of a director, NGK has opened to mixed to positive reactions with comments saying the narration is uneven but Sirius carries the entire film on his shoulders. Sirius expectedly played the role of an educated youth who fed up with the current crop of politicians comes into the act himself. 

The first half of the movie is said to be terrific. The early watchers of the movie say that the interval bang is extraordinary. Suriya’s transformation is said to be vere level. The execution of the scene is top notch. Suriya’s performance, Selvaraghavan’s dialogues and Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music, especially the background score is elevating. All in all the movie is a Selvaraghavan style of political thriller with a few good intense scenes. 

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NGK Preview

What is NGK About?

NGK is the rage of people against the current crop of corrupt politicians. As one character says (from the trailer we can understand it's that of Sai Pallavi's), we got our independence from the British but handed it over to the political leaders. The Suriya starrer has been one of the most anticipated films of the year and has been a long time in the making. 

Nanda Gopalan Kumaran is an angry young man who questions the system on behalf of people and tries to raise awareness. As evidenced by the trailer, NGK is frustrated at the system which has become used to corruption not because it's the right way but because of the dormant nature of people themselves. 

Selvaraghavan who last made his presence felt with Irandaam Ulagam 6 years ago has returned to the director chair with NGK. The expectations are quite high. And with a star power lead by Suriya and an intense and relevant storyline in his hands, he is expected to weave his magic once again on the big screen.

NGK Promises

An intense story about people and politics

Yes, we have been witnessing several political dramas nowadays but how many of these truly represented a truly wider section of people and how many have been grounded in reality? If anything to go by Selvaraghavan's record, NGK would be the answer to the above question. Suriya's NGK represents one among us who always wants to fight for the right but couldn't and only that NGK could. 

Suriya as NGK

Suriya is one of the current crop of Tamil star heroes who has a truly pan-India fan following. He has a wider recognition in Tollywood and other South Indian film industries. As he is playing the role of an unmitigated and unsuppressible leader of people who doesn't back off despite lacking in a number of supporters. Apart from being a star who has a lot of fan following, he commands respect as an actor. From what is evidenced by the trailer, he seems to have delivered his best yet in NGK. 

Stellar support cast

Sensational heroine Sai Pallavi has received an author-backed role in NGK. A naturally gifted performer, Sai Pallavi herself revealed that it took her a lot of effort to satisfy Selvaraghavan in the portrayal of her part. And the end result is nothing short of perfect is what we can be sure of. Another star heroine Rakul Preet Singh also received a meaty role and she might even be seen in a few action sequences. With Devaraj and others playing crucial roles, NGK is populated by a host of talented actors who are capable of owning their roles. 

Selvaraghavan and his team

Selvaraghavan's intensity in telling his stories is well known so is his eye for perfection. NGK  is going to emphasize the importance of educated youth in Indian politics. His trusted ally, music director Yuvan Shankar Raja has delivered a top-notch background score as usual from what little we have seen from the trailers and other promos. 

Sivakumar Vijayan of Kolamaavu Kokila fame handles the cinematography and can expect an atmospheric work from him. While Dream Warrior Pictures produce this film, Reliance Entertainment distributes it. With a multiple-language release and huge anticipation, NGK is surely going to meet the expectations. 

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