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Sultan The Saviour Review

U/A Action, Thriller 2 hrs 42 mins Jun 15, 2018





Sultan The Saviour Review & Rating

Raja Chanda’s Sultan: The Saviour, an official remake of Tamil film Vedalam (2015) focuses on the hero Jeet more than the actor Jeet. Encashing on Jeet's star persona, the action flick is a full-on entertainer. As a hero-worshipping film, Sultan: The Saviour’s it has a predictable storyline. However, even being an essentially male-dominated film, it doesn’t portray the female characters as the ‘weaker sex’. The female protagonist is also portrayed as fearless as the hero.

Rating 2.5 from  cinestaan

As a hero-worshipping film, Sultan: The Saviour’s storyline is quite predictable, suggestin...

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Raja Chanda and Jeet, who is also one of the producers of this movie, are well aware of the packaging that impresses the target audience. The characters are cleverly etched out and smartly executed. The script its tout and full of entertainment. Sure it goes over the top sometimes but it never loses its plot. Two different shades of Raja’s character lead to the vital twist of the film and the makers successfully keep the audience guessing. The movie never let you get bored.

Rating 3 from  indiatimes

It’s commercial, it’s mindless but you can’t just ignore that it’s close ...

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Jeet's star personality was enough to carry the shades of the protagonist. Priyanka Sarkar delivers a prolific act. The movie has focused on the brother-sister dynamic over the romantic angle. Bidya looked pretty. Although there was not much to do for her, she did her job well.

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  • ChArlie

    5 Jul 18 @ 10:52 PM

    Jeet dar moto handsome look & styles hero khub kom e ache not only Tollywood even Bollywood. outstanding,mind-blowing acting jeetda for the film Sultan The Saviour.

  • Bubai

    30 Sep 18 @ 4:14 PM

    Please upload full movie of "SULTAN THE SAVIOUR". 

  • Abira

    18 Jun 18 @ 1:20 PM

    Excellent in a single word

Sultan The Saviour Preview

What is Sultan The Saviour movie is all about?

Sultan The Saviour directed by Raja Chanda and starring Jeet, Priyanka Sarkar, and Bangladeshi actress Bidya Sinha Mim is a mainstream action flick. Raja Dutta is a benevolent taxi driver, who will do anything for his sister. How and why he becomes Sultan, the notorious goon is the story all about. The film is Bengali remake of Vedalam.

What to expect from Uma?

Full-on action

Jeet is back with yet another action flick. No wonder the fans will expect an action-packed movie where Jeet beats the bad guys on the screen. The trailer has already given the hint of the same. Jeet's action chops should amuse everyone. 

Bang on dialogues

The one-liners of Sultan is already a huge hit. Along with launching the punches, the superstar is expected to blow the viewer's mind with dialogues. 

Emotional aspect

Although essentially an action film, the movie also has an emotional aspect and it is expected to be a strong and intense one. The bonding between the lead and his sister is the focus of the movie. Which ensures a solid emotional drama. The film also deals with issues like female trafficking. 


The film features actors like Jeet, Priyanka, and Kanchan who are known for delivering stellar performances. Bangladeshi actress Bidya Sinha Mim too is a good actress. The acting line up looks strong and interesting.

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