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Sultan The Saviour Full Movie

U/A Action, Thriller 2 hrs 42 mins Jun 15, 2018
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Sultan The Savior story

Director: Raja Chanda

Cast: Jeet  as Raja Dutta AKA Sultan, Bidya Sinha Mim as Aleya, Sultan's love interest, Priyanka Sarkar as Disha, Sultan's sister, Mukul Dev as Tony

Raja (Jeet) comes to Kolkata with his sister Disha (Priyanka) to settle in the Metro City and get her admitted in an ar school. Disha is a painter and her brother wants to fulfill her dreams at any cost. An amicable Raja starts to work as a Taxi driver. Police officers of Kolkata seek the help of the cabbies and auto drivers to capture the criminals. Raja suspects a person and gets him arrested. This led the cops arrest many low-level workers working for gangster Tony and his men.

An angry Tony tried to kill Raja but instead Raja killed his men. On the other hand Aleya, a lawyer falls for Raja. But soon it is revealed to her that Raja has killed many men of Tony. It is also revealed that Disha is not his biological sister and he has come to Kolkata to avenge the death of Disha's parents who were his only family. He revealed that he is Sultan a notorious gangster who was only loved by Disha's family and they were killed by Tony's men. 


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