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Sudani From Nigeria Review

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Sudani From Nigeria Review & Rating


Debutant Zakaria's Sudani From Nigeria stars Soubin Shahhir who making his debut in a lead role and African actor Samuel Abiola Robison who is marking Indian debut in the lead roles. Set in the backdrop of Malappuram, a place that holds seven football dearly to heart, is a tale about a local football club manager and a Nigerian footballer he hires to play for his club. Sudani From Nigeria, apart from a few familiar faces, doesn't have cast that can boast so much about. However, it is with a deserving hype the movie is hitting theatres. And here is what it is all about!

Samuel aka Sudu is one of those Nigerian players from African countries who lands in Malappuram to play for local football clubs in a football-crazy village in Malappuram. Najeeb, played by Soubin Shahir, hires him to play for his club. Sudu soon becomes a key player in Majeed's team and finds a fanbase among the locals. But he meets with a freaking accident while playing Sevens Tournament which injures his spine and leaves him bed-ridden. Majeed, whose already deep-neck in a financial crisis, takes Sudu to his home and a series of setbacks that Majeed and Sudu has to face forms the rest of this refreshing tale movie.

Rating 4 from  filmibeat

Zakariya has indeed made a stunning debut with Sudani From Nigeria. He stays true to the genre an...

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The most amazing thing about Sudani From Nigeria is its spot-on cast. Zakaria has brilliantly picked his actors who excel in their well-sketched characters. Soubin Shahir essays his character impressively. He handles humor with commendable subtlety and emotes well and mature as the scenes demand. Samuel, on the other hand, walks right into the heart, with a big bright smile. Theater artists Savithri Sreedharan and Sarasa Balussery, who leaves a lasting impression on the viewers with their excellent performances, are two true gems in the cast. Others including KTC Abdullah and Aneesh G Menon also delivers a notable performance in their respective roles.

Rating 3.5 from  manoramaonline

As usual, Soubin impresses with his exemplary timing that triggers a wave of comical situations. ...

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With Sudani From Nigeria, Zakaria makes an impressive entry. He, together with Mushin Peroor who has scripted this gem of a tale, delivers a refreshing, amusing and ultimately feel-good film full of life. One powerful element of the movie is the convincing familiarity in the sequences and the refreshing manner in which the makers present it. While most sports drama movies in Malayalam are overridden with cliches and goes overboard on the emotional side, Sudani From Nigeria perfectly blends humor, empathy, and football; all too well. 

Rating 3.5 from  indiatimes

Sports dramas of M-Town are often cookie-cutter underdog stories but Sudani from Nigeria is truly...

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Final Verdict: Sudani From Nigeria is a touching, feel-good movie which would make an enjoyable watch for anyone with a love for football. It is the kind of movie that will make you shed some happy tears when the credits scrolls past.

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Sudani From Nigeria Live Updates & Public Talk

Soubin's Sudani From Nigeria has created a lot of pre-release buzz with its interesting teasers and trailer which caught the attention of movie lovers. As the story is set up in the backdrop of football which is one of the most loved sports in Kerala, the movie managed to get a wider release and publicity. Sudani From Nigeria has released today amidst good buzz and huge expectations and is already getting a decent response from the audience. The movie, though a simple feel good drama, is being praised for the heart touching emotions and light hearted comedy. Check out the Public Talk to know more.

As the movie is set up in Malappuram where football is the most loved sport, the audience are getting connected well with the story of the film. Soubin seems to have done a great job once again by carrying the film on his shoulders. The way the friendship between two persons from different cultures and regions and the football sport have been showcased seem to be the major plus points of the film. Check out the latest Tweets.

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Sudani From Nigeria Preview

What Is Sudani From Nigeria Is About?

Set in the backdrop of Malappuram, where Seven football is more of a feeling than a game for the folks, debutant Zakaria's Sudani From Nigeria is an amusing tale about the local club manager Najeeb and a Nigerian footballer who brings down to play for his club. Soubin Shahir stars in the lead role as Najeeb while African actor Samuel Abiola Robinson who is making his Indian debut essay the role of Nigerian footballer. Shyju Khalid and Sameer Thahir have jointly produced Sudani From Nigeria under the banner of Happy Hours Entertainments.

What To Expect From Sudani From Nigeria?

A Memorable Performance From Soubin Shahir

Soubin Shahir is definitely a name to watch out for in Malayalam cinema. This assistant director turned comedy actor who stole laughs with his striking comic timing and impeccable acting flair proved himself to be a potential filmmaker with his incredible directorial debut Parava last year. He is now all set to mark his debut as a hero in Zudani From Nigeria in the role of a local football club manager Najeeb. Soubin has an indisputable knack for carrying off such earthy characters with natural humor and ease. His role might be miles away from the conventional hero set-ups, nevertheless, it is definitely going to be an impressive debut.

An Engaging Story Seasoned With Good Humor

Sudani From Nigeria is touted to be an out-and-out fun family entertainer. It is evident from the trailer that the movie doesn't tread the paths of mainstream films but choose to be rather subtle with no room for cliches. The plot of the movie is fresh and promising and going by the trailer, it would indeed be an engaging watch which has its moments. 

A Soulful Musical And Visual Treat

Two songs from the movie composed by Rex Vijayan and Shahbaz Amaan (theme song) have made it into the playlist already. Rex Vijayan, who is creating intense and adorable songs of late, is officially the music composer of Sudani From Nigeria and looking at his recent songs, one wouldn't need an assurance about what to expect. On the visual side, it is Shyju Khalid who is also producing the movie along with Sameer Thahir. Khalid's work in movies like Salt And Pepper, Maheshine Prathikaram, Kaly, and Ee Ma Yau are notable and he is likely to stun the viewers this time too.


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