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Sudani From Nigeria Full Movie

U Comedy, Drama 2 hrs 3 mins Mar 23, 2018
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Sudani From Nigeria Story

Director: Zakaria Muhammedh

Cast: Samuel Abiola Robinson as Sudu, Soubin Shahir as Majeed, Aneesh G Menon as Nizar, KTC Abdulla as the father, Savithiri Sreedharan as Jameela, and Sarasa Balusserry as Beeyumma

Majeed is a huge football enthusiast and is the manager of MYC Accode, a local football club which participates in the Sevens matches. Despite being on a financially low, Majeed manages to rope in three Nigerian players for the club. The team wins a couple of games, all thanks to the talented Nigerian player Samuel who, within no time, becomes a huge sensation in the village. 

But an unexpected accident leaves Samuel aka Sudu with a fractured leg. Majeed is forced to take Sudu home as he can't afford to pay the hospital fees. Majeed's mother Jameela and their neighbour Beeyumma begin to look after Sudu. Over the time, Sudu develops a close bond with Majeed as well as his mother and the rest of the villagers who drops in to see and inquire about him. 

A newspaper article about Sudu comes in the attention of police officials and they comes in search of him. Sudu realises that his passport is not with him and Majeed and others frantically starts searching for it. Meanwhile, Sudu's grandmother passes away and the news leaves him shattered. Sudu wants to leave for Nigeria immediately in order to be with his sisters whose are alone. The rest of the film is about how Majeed and friends recover Sudu's passport and how Sudu manages to go back to Nigeria.

Sudani From Nigeria marked the debut of Soubin Shahir in a lead role. The film won rave reviews and had a successful run at the box office. Debutant Zacharia who directed the film, lead actors Soubin Shahir and Samuel, along with KTC Abdulla, Savithri Sreedharan and Sarasa Balusserry bagged immense appreciation for their work. 

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