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Subrahmanyapuram Review

U/A Mystery, Thriller 2 hrs 12 mins Dec 7, 2018





Subrahmanyapuram Review & Rating

Subrahmanyapuram Review: Pretty Interesting Thriller

The premise

Am mysterious temple. An atheist of the protagonist. several mysterious deaths. A theist of a heroine. Well... Subrahmanyapuram starring the highly talented hero Sumanth directed by newcomer Santhosh jagarlapudi has created a lot of interest in the audience by promising an engaging thriller. As this is the silver jubilee film Sumanth, the curiosity factor rose to the next level. Fresh off the successful comeback with Malli Raava, let's see of Sumanth continues his winning sequence with Subrahmanyapuram review. 

The story

Karthik is an atheist. He is a researcher by profession and has an interest in researching about the ancient temples of India. He is interested in the mystery behind the ancient Subrahmanyeswara Swamy temple in the epponymous village Subrahmanyapuram. The village is in despair as several continuous suicides occur. 

The police have no clue and the villagers including the head believe that a curse has befallen on them by the God. But Karthik who doesn't believe in the existence of the supernatural thinks otherwise. His line of thinking causes friction in his relationship with his lover, played by Eesha Rebba. 

Suddenly a shocking revelation comes out. Karthik faces a huge setback. He then challenges that he will find out the real reason behind the serial suicides in 10 days. How Karthik unravel the mystery? Who is behind the deaths? Is there really a supernatural angle behind all this? And if so, how Karthik change his views form the rest of the story. 

Sumanth is terrific

Sumanth is terrific in the role of a researcher. His character requires good screen presence and he exuded confidence in the role of Karthik. His dialogue delivery and body language suited well to the no-nonsense character. Eesha Rebba did a fine job. Senior actor Suresh is good in the limited role. Rest of the actors did their job.

Slick direction

There is an excellent suspense element to the story of Subrahmanyapuram. The basic Reason vs belief thread that runs throughout the film is handled well. The direction by Santhosh Jagarlapudi is slick. The narration is pretty interesting. But the screenplay should have been better. There are few laggy scenes here and there. The story and even the hero's name reminds us of Nikhil starrer Karthikeya where the story also happens in a village named Subrahmanyapuram. But Subrahmanyapuram is a promising debut for the new director.

The crew

The music by Shekar Chandra is average in songs but very good in the background score. The suspense element in the story is elevated very well by the music director. The cinematography is atmospheric as required by the mystery genre. The editing is good. Production values are average. The art department did a fine job. The locations have a certain aura that is appropriate for the film. 


Subrahmanyapuram is not a regular film. Well acted and well directed the movie has all it takes to be a very good thriller. But the end suspense and a few lags here and there may not appeal to all sections of the audience. Sumanth has been selecting novel subjects and this movie is no different. A good one time watch this weekend. 


  • Interesting story
  • Sumanth performance
  • Mystery element


  • Lags here and there
  • May remind the audience of Karthikeya

Ppycker Rating: 3 out of 5

Subrahmanyapuram Critic Reviews

Subrahmanyapuram User Reviews

  • Aditya

    8 Dec 18 @ 4:38 PM

    Good movie but story is little bit like karthkeya movie but this was good decent performances by everyone must movie don't miss and watch in theaters only plz don't encrouge the privacy

  • Sai

    10 Dec 18 @ 10:01 PM

    The movie is so nice sumanth acting is nice the songs also nice

  • Babu

    8 Dec 18 @ 7:07 PM


Subrahmanyapuram Preview

What is Subramanyapuram About?

Subramanyapuram is a milestone in the career of talented actor Sumanth. After making a strong comeback with Malli Raava, Sumanth is coming up with a mystery thriller in the form of Subramanyapuram which is the 25th movie in his career spanning nearly two decades. It tells the story of a youngster who deemed it his duty to the root cause behind the mysterious happenings of a temple in the eponymous Subramanyapuram village.

Sumanth is joined by Eesha Rebba who has been part in a string of successful films in 2018. Sumanth's character is that of an atheist who is set out to prove there is no supernatural force behind the mystery of the Subramanyapuram temple. Eesha plays the role of a girl who believes in God. She even tells the protagonist that it is his problem not to believe in God.

Subramanyapuram Promises

A thrilling tale of temple mystery

Subramanyapuram is about the mystery behind the happenings in an ancient temple in Subramanyapuram. It is the tale of Man vs God to an extent. As part of his research, Sumanth's character goes to the village. By the end of the trailer, we have seen that he faces several oppositions in the form of the village elders and the forces behind the events. All in all, Subramanyapuram like the similar films promises to be an intriguing thriller to satiate the thirst of the audience for a proper thriller in Telugu.

Sumant and Eesha Rebba Jodi

After a long gap, Sumanth scored a success with his previous film. Despite the several setbacks he has faced in his career, he was recognized by the critics and the audience alike as a highly talented actor. The role of an atheist suits him to the T. His serious acting coupled with the seriousness of the subject makes for an intriguing watch. Telugu girl Eesha Rebba plays his love interest (obviously) but her character is that of a polar opposite to Sumanth's. She believes in God and experiences a friction in her relationship with the hero because of this.

Shekar Chandra music

Shekar Chandra is known to give excellent music for various genres of films. Right from the love stories and melodious tunes to the horror/thrillers like Avunu and Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada, he has time and again proved himself to be a versatile composer. From what is evidenced by the trailer, he has given a thrilling score for Subramanyapuram. His music is going to be an asset to this film.

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