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Student of the Year 2 Review

U/A Drama 2 hrs 25 mins May 10, 2019





Student of the Year 2 Review & Rating


Student of the Year 2 Review: To Watch Or Not To Watch? Flip A Coin And Decide

The premise

There are certain movies which should better be left untouched not because they are classics but because the formula used in it isn't worth repeating and the success of that film was just fluke. One such film is Student of the Year and its box office success punished us with Student of the Year 2. Is this film that bad? No. Not exactly. But there is no need for this film to exist at all except to make a couple of young ladies to face the media and answer questions about nepotism in Bollywood. 

The formula

So, you know the formula. A college. A rich guy who is certainly a spoilt brat because he's rich. A sympathetic hero because he hails from a poor/middle-class background. Don't ask us how he can have such a pristine and well-chiseled body with all that lower-middle-class family income. Say hello to Karan Johar. And then there are a couple of hot girls and one among them is obviously good because one of the heroines need to be, no? For more references, just recall Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar. 

Student of the Year (2)

Tiger Shroff appears on the screen in the midst of Student of the Year competition and after being schooled about his background and how this not-rich guy gets admitted into the strictly for rich St. Teresa College. He in the first place wanted to join the college as his childhood heartthrob joins the college in the first place. She also comes from a similar background and is a studious person which cannot be evident from her dresses as... well (Say hello to Karan Johar) it's a Dharma Productions film. 

He immediately creates insecurity in our bad rich guy, Manav Mehra. He also strikes a friendship with Shreya. Then when he gets a bit closer to Shreya (because they are a dance team, you know?) his sweetheart, Mridula for whom he joined the college gets jealous. And you know what happens later. There are gang war level rivalries and fight sequences. Highbrow romances which are as instantaneous as the element number 120 in the periodic table, and the eponymous competition. Student of the Year (2). 

The performances 

Tiger Shroff is so good in the film that we always think that he is Tiger Shroff and not Rohan Sharma. At least he should have been named with a certain cricketer's who had hit three double centuries as a ploy to lure his fans into the theatres. He's terrific in the action sequences as we all know and did well enough in the dance-department but most of the boy's attention is distracted by the presence of the heroines. Don't ask about how he performed in emotional scenes. Think of Chuck Norris. 

Ananya Pandey is the biggest plus of the film. She looked glamorous and has a starry screen presence. If she takes a bit of care in the histrionics department, she will give tough competition to young guns like Sara Ali Khan and Janhvi Kapoor. She's good in dances too as that is the only part written properly for her. The witty one-liners are mouthed in an appealing way. Her dialogue delivery is good too. 

Tara Sutaria is given an undercooked role. The characterization is confusing and downright insulting. She tried to salvage it within her limits but to no use. Aditya Seal is okayish as the rich and obviously bad guy. But it is Harsh Beniwal as Puggi who steals the show with his spontaneous wit and natural performance. Watch out for him. Another find of the year. 

Writing and direction

The direction of the film is good. Punit Malhotra had given hints that he could do well if a proper script is given. The writing of the film is lame without an iota of creativity. It seems like first the sets, stars, and their costumes are envisioned and then bits and pieces of the story is conjured up by watching several Bollywood hits and flops. The dialogues written for Ananya Pandey are good though. 

The crew

The music is foot-tapping for the most part but feels derivative. Add to that, there is a remix of an old hit. The background score is decent in action scenes. The action choreography is as terrific and reminds you of Karate Kid. This film could well have been titled Karate Kid 3 as a netizen posted on Twitter. The editor must have taken a long sabbatical with this film. The cinematography is colorful and the frames are filled with gloss. The production design and production values are fantastical. 


On the whole, Student of the year is a film that should not have existed in the first place. It could have been a passable entertainer if the script is taken care of or the gloss is toned down. You can watch it in parts on television in the comfort of your home and Harsh Beniwal's comedy scenes will be made available on YouTube soon anyway. To watch or not? Flip a coin and decide. 


  • Harsh Beniwal
  • Ananya Pandey
  • Action scenes for Tiger Shroff


  • Read the review again in punishment

Pycker Rating: 1 out of 5

Tailpiece: Please note that despite our review, if the film clicks with a certain section of the audience and performs well at the BO, we have no qualms to appreciate the fact. Doesn't mean it's a good film. 

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Student of the Year 2 Live Updates & Public Talk

Student of the Year 2 is one of the most talked about films releasing this summer. Coming from the prestigious Dharma Productions, the teen campus romance and sports drama has a couple of highly anticipated debuts - Ananya Pandey making her acting debut and Tara Sutaria making her big screen debut - and action hero Tiger Shroff in the lead role. The Punit Malhotra directorial opened to negative response from the critics and the early watchers with a mixed response to the performances. 

But the debutants are said to have passed their first test admirably and did well enough. Tiger Shroff is good in the action sequences. The story and the screenplay of the film are negatively commented upon. The story is pretty average and is rehashed from several films. While the first half is bearable to some extent, the second half turns out no so good. The entire plot is predictable. 

Keep watching for more Student of the Year public talk and live updates.

Student of the Year 2 Preview

What is Student of the Year 2 About?

A campus romance unlike in real life for most of us. A Karan Johar special with all the gloss and sheen which attracts the eyes of the romantics in all of us. Rivalries, romances, first love, and then there is the 29th Inter College Dignity Cup for the Student of the Year. It's an escapist film at best as described by one of the leads in the film, Ananya Pandey who makes her acting debut with this film. 

The teen film produced by Bollywood Mogul Karan and directed by Punit Malhotra also stars Tiger Shroff as the lead man and another debutant Tara Sutharia as the other leads. Aided by foot-tapping music, charismatic lead actors, thrilling setpieces involving dance and sports, and grandeur, Student of the Year 2 promises to be a complete package of fantastical entertainment. 

Student of the Year 2 Promises

A fantastical campus teen entertainer

Campus flicks are always fascinating as who doesn't love the life of college days where we were all carefree and just have to enjoy life to the fullest without the burdens of life except studies? The nostalgic trips such films give us always the biggest USP of the genre. Karan Johar is known for his flashy entertainers with all the added gloss and color. Student of the Year was a trendsetting campus romance which has given us two bright stars in the form of Alia Bhatt and now, it is the turn of Tara Sutharia and Ananya Pandey's turn. 

The movie will have everything we expect from such escapist fantasy entertainers. Larger than life student life, sweet romances, love triangles, ample action, intriguing rivalries, songs, dances, and sports. Student of the Year 2 has even more of the same with a different package. 

The trio of Tiger Shroff, Ananya Pandey, and tara Sutharia

Till now, Tiger Shroff has made himself a name as an action hero with the Baaghi series. Now, he will be seen in the role of a middle-class guy who joins a flashy college. It is certainly a different role for this macho hero and he seems to be up to the challenge. Another Bollywood star kid, Ananya Pandey (daughter of Chunky Pandey) makes her big screen debut with this film. She is already an internet sensation. And then there is another new star in the making Tara Sutharia who has come from the television. The romantic triangle of these three seems to be the highlight of the film. 

Karan Johar and his team

Ace filmmaker Karan Johar who directed Student of the Year now bankrolls this project under the direction of I Hate Luv Storys fame Punit Malhotra. While Vishal-Shekhar composes the songs, Salim-Sulaiman composes the musical score. Noted cinematographer Ravi K. Chandran wields the camera. He is known for high standard cinematography and the ability to adapt to the scenario. 

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