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Streetlights Review

U Crime, Thriller 2 hrs 9 mins Jan 26, 2018





Streetlights Review & Rating


Mammootty's Streetlights is hitting theaters without the towering hype and hoopla that is peculiar for a Mammootty movie. Yet, cinephiles have placed their hopes high on the movie; the reason being the brilliant teasers and trailer which showed ample cue of a decent movie. Also, Shamdat, the popular cinematographer who is turning a director with Streetlights, has confessed that the movie wouldn't be usual mass Mammootty flick which fans would go all crazy about. Written by Fawaz Muhammad, Soubin Shahir, Lijo Mol Jose, Adheesh Praveen, Motta Rajendran, Joy Mathew and Dharmajan Bolgatty among others appear in the pivotal roles of the movie alongside Mammootty's James, a police officer who doesn't dress up in uniform. 

Streetlights opens with a hilarious robbing scene in which three rather naive robbers find a boon worth of Rs 5 Crores and get away with it. The rest of the movie follows the investigation undertaken by Mammootty's character James. In the meantime, a romance story also unfolds in another plane, only to link up with other two stories at a crucial juncture and evolve into an interesting climax which makes the movie worth a watch. The movie has no novelty, it treads on a familiar structure. But what is refreshing about Streetlights is, Mammootty and his character James being spared of his otherwise overtly superhero aura which imbibe the rest of the characters and most of the frames. 

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Although its refreshing to see Mammootty being a character among a handful others who take the story forward, it is disappointing to see him fits into a yet-another heroic character which demands no finesse of his acting. James clearly was a sure cakewalk for him. Soubin and Lijomol, who plays the most entertaining and lovable characters in Streetlights, have delivered an equally appealing performance which is quite a delight to watch.

Dharmajan and Hareesh handle their roles without making a mess of it and manages to strike up a comic timing at parts while Stunt Silva who appears in a full-length role for the first time and child artist Adheesh Praveen essay their roles with a certain vitality. 

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There are no qualms about Streetlights being an impressive debut by Shyamdat. But, at the same time, it is not a remarkable movie. The writer and the director of the movie fail to bring in a special element, a certain originality of some kind, which would have saved it from being mercilessly designated with derivative terms like old wine, new bottle and such. Sadat, the man behind the raw and rustic frames of Streetlights, has brought in some vigor and freshness. Debutant Adarsh Abraham's tunes get along just fine with the mood of the movie.

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Final Verdict: Streetlights is not a windy thriller with full of twists and turns. It is rather a light watch, with a fair share of humor and equitable suspense; the kind of movie which easily dissipate from one's mind without any ado.

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Streetlights Preview

What Is It About?

Streetlights, the much-anticipated Mammootty movie, marks the directorial debut of noted cinematographer Shyamdat. The movie is touted to be an investigative thriller giving prominence to romance, action, and humor. Soubin Shahir, Lijomol, Joy Mathew, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Pisharody, Sudhi Koppa and Neena Kurup form the cast of this movie which is produced by Mammootty's home banner Playhouse Motion Pictures. 

What To expect?

  • A Real Treat For Mammootty Fans

It has been sometime Mammootty has done a role that completely utilizes him as an actor. Looking at his last few releases, one can clearly see his stardom is being exploited on screen. Shamdat's Streelight is expected to put Mammootty back on track and the teasers and trailer for the movie look promising enough. The movie has him in the role of James, a handsome investigative officer who is all brawn and brains. 

  • An Engaging Action Thriller

Streetlight narrates the events that happen on a particular day; from early dawn to dusk. From the trailer, it is apparent that the movie has many characters and different stories which may come to cross a common juncture sometime. Or the makers have something more terrific in store for the viewers; we don't know yet. However, going by trailer, it is sure Streetlight could be a cross-genre movie which would be a great watch to all kinds of moviegoers.

  • Shamdat-Sadat Combo

As a cinematographer, Shyamdat has worked with Kamala Hassan and other big names from most of the South Indian film industry. For his debut directorial Shamdat is teaming up with his brother Sadat who forms the crew as the cinematographer. And it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say to watch out for some stunning frames throughout Streetlights. 

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