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Soodhu Kavvum Full Movie

U/A Comedy 2 hrs 17 mins May 1, 2013
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Soodhu Kavvum Story

Director: Nalan Kumarasamy

Cast: Vijay Sethupathi as Das, Bobby Simha as Pagalavan, Ashok Selvan as Kesavan, Ramesh Thilak as Sekar, Karunakaran as Arumai, M. S. Bhaskar as minister Gnanodayam (Arumai's father), and Sanchitha Shetty as Shalu/Shalini Gupta. 

Soodhu Kavvum is a black comedy that revolves around a group of naiive kidnappers lead by Das. The other members in the gang are Pagalavan, Sekar, and Kesavan. Das earns his living through the smaller settlements and always talks to his imaginary girlfriend, Shaalu. Das has a firm rule which he follows no matter what: never mess with (read kidnap) with politicos. 

One day, they are asked to kidnap the son of a minister who is known for his truthfulness, by the man whose son they had previously kidnapped. Yes. He was that impressed by the work of this gang and offered then Rs. 2 crores. Their target is Arumai. But Arumai is not as honest as his father. When our gang lead by Das kidnaps him, he strikes a deal Arumai strikes a deal with them. In fact, Arumai was abducted by Das and his friends when he was in the process of orchestrating a kidnap of himself to make quick money from his father and use it for a business venture. 

But Arumai's father, minister Gnanodayam brings notorious encounter specialist Brahma. What happens to the gang and Arumai? Will both the parties get the money they are after and how Das and his gang escape the clutches of Brahma form the rest of the story. 

Soodhu Kavvum received high critical acclaim. Debutant director Nalan Kumarasamy impressed both the critics and the audience who hailed the black comedy as one of the best films in the genre. Vijay Sethupathi and Karunakaran who played Das and Arumai respectively are applauded for their top class performances. The movie was recorded as a super hit at the box office. 

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