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Solo (Malayalam) Full Movie

U Romance, Thriller Oct 5, 2017
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Solo Story

Director: Bejoy Nambiar

Cast: Dulquer Salmaan as Shekhar, Trilok, Shiva and Rudra, Dhansika as Radhika, Arthi Venkatesh as Ayesha, Sruthi Hariharan as Rukku, and Neha Sharma as Akshara

Solo is an anthology of four stories revolving around four men sketches their love, loss, rage, and the women in their lives. The first vignette of Solo tells the story of Shekhar, a college student with a slight stammering problem. The young guy falls in love with Radhika who lost her eyesight as a child. Radhika becomes pregnant and after a lot of fuss, their families agrees for the marriage. However, their happiness doesn't last long. Radhika passes away during the delivery and Shekar is left numb and clueless with the newborn.

The second story of Solo is about Trilok who loses his wife in an accident. Years later he saves the life of the man who left his wife to death. The man having realized it was Trilok's wife he had hit years before, decides to open up to him. What happens next form the crux of this short revenge thriller. The next vignette in Solo narrates the story of Shiva who is a young and rustic gangster. The murder of his father by a reveal gang changes his life. He along with his brother and a few others decides to take revenge for his father's blood.

The fourth and last episode of Solo is about Rudra, a young army officer who is madly in love with his girlfriend Akshara. Things take a wrong turn for the young man when Akshara leaves for higher studies and refuses to talk to him or see him. Later he finds out Akshara's marriage is fixed with Alok and goes to marriage only to be struck by a shocking truth about Akshara and himself.

Solo was simultaneously made in Tamil in the same title and was dubbed in Telugu with the title Athadey. Although the film hit theatres accompanied by huge hype and hoopla, it couldn't strike a successful stride at the box office and was largely received with average reviews from the critics as well as the audience. The movie also ran to multiple controversies owing to the content of World Of Rudra and its climax. 

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