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U/A Action, Drama, Thriller 2 hrs 18 mins Jan 12, 2018





Sketch Review & Rating


Vikram is undoubtedly one of the most talented actors of South Indian cinema who has been wasting his talent by doing movies that don't deserve an actor of his stature. He badly needs a super hit to bring his career back on track as his last two movies I and Irumugan disappointed the audience big time. Keeping experimentations on looks aside, this time he chooses to come up with a commercial masala entertainer Sketch which is directed by Vijay Chander. Sketch has grabbed the attention of movie lovers with its peppy songs and entertaining trailer. Tamannaah will be seen as the love interest of Chiyaan in Sketch and the film also has many talented actors like Soori, Simran, Ravi Kishan, R.K. Suresh in supporting roles. With Vikram doing a full-fledged mass role after a long time and strong technical crew Sketch has all the chances of emerging as a super hit at the box office.

Sketch is set up in North Madras and Vikram is introduced as Jiiva alias Sketch, an assistant to local financier Seit (played by Harish Peradi). Seit provides financial assistance for people to buy bikes and vehicles and Sketch's duty is to seize those vehicles if anyone fails to repay the loan amount. One fine day, he is ordered by Seit to seize the car of a local gangster Kumar (played Babu Raj). Kumar has a sentimental attachment to that car as he keeps it in the memory of his loving father. The story takes a drastic turn when Kumar plans to take revenge by killing his friends and family. How Sketch saves them from the villain's gang and counter attacks only find out some shocking truth forms the rest of the story.

Rating 2.5 from  indiatimes

Sketch, which solely relies on Vikram, works in parts. The actor has done an effortless job in pu...

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For an actor who has portrayed some of the most challenging roles of Tamil cinema, the role in this movie is a cake walk. Vikram performs his role effortlessly but his honesty towards the craft and love towards his role can be seen on screen. It is so good to see Vikram in a carefree role which is full of energy. Though his age is nearing 52, he does a great job during the action sequences and looks as handsome as ever. One can say that it is Vikram's one-man show and for any other average actor, Sketch would've been a dud straight away. Vikram carries the entire film on his shoulders and makes it an entertaining watch for movie lovers. Tamannnaah has nothing much to do except for appearing before and in songs. But she looks absolutely gorgeous and her pairing with Vikram is good. Harish Peradi and Babu Raj are just about okay in their roles and R.K. Suresh does a fantastic job.

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Vikram would even think of doing a film like Sketch post Irumugan, which was proof to his acting ...

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The first half of the film has nothing to offer as we have seen a bunch of films with the gangster backdrop and commercial elements. The movie picks up just before the interval with a well-picturized chase sequence which is one of the major highlights of the movie. The interval block leaves us wanting for more and raises the expectations on the second half. The pace of second half is slow for the initial 15 minutes and then picks up the pace till the climax. The screenplay during this part is superb with interesting twists and turns and well-choreographed action sequences. The climax part has been executed very well and the action sequences during the climax are one of the best we've seen in Tamil cinema in the recent times.

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Sketch is an average commercial entertainer ideal for mass audiences and hard core Vikram fans. L...

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M Sukumar's cinematography is adequate and he does a decent job in capturing the rustic mass locales of North Madras. Editing by Ruben is terrific during the action sequences and is mediocre during the rest of the movie. Production values are decent. Two major assets for the movie are the action sequences and music by Thaman. Action sequences are nicely composed and Thaman's background score takes them to the next level. Thaman has provided some nice tunes, both melodies and mass numbers. Vijay Chander does an okay job with the film as he chooses to present Vikram in a mass avatar in a routine commercial story. He is partly successful in doing so as the entire first half has nothing much except for the brilliant pre-interval chase sequence. Had he worked more on bringing out some depth to the proceedings in the first half, he would've had a sure shot blockbuster in hands. Nevertheless, Vikram with his power-packed performance makes Sketch a one-time watch.

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The first half might look a tad long due to the time it takes to establish the characters and in ...

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Verdict: Commercial Pot Boiler, Watch It For Vikram's Show.

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Sketch User Reviews

  • Preeti

    15 Jan 18 @ 8:36 AM

    Usual masala movie with love scenes that's all..totally boring !!

  • Surajchowdary

    14 Jan 18 @ 7:00 AM

  • Satya

    13 Jan 18 @ 4:17 PM

    Sketch is not for all sections of the audience, at least not for the typical multiplex audience who expect everything to be logical. Sketch is a mixed bag of commercial elements, good performances, action sequences, and music. Though there is nothing brand new coming to the story, the way the things move without boring us is one of the major assets for the movie. The action sequences deserve a special mention and they have been composed to suit the story. Especially the pre-interval chase sequence has been designed very well and sets up things nicely for the second half. Though the second half is not as good as expected the breathtaking climax makes it interesting. 

    Chiyaan Vikram has put in a lot of efforts for this movie (like he does for every movie of his). Though there are no major look changes and all, he has to go through various emotions which he does effortlessly. Sketch is completely his show and without his magical screen presence, this would've been a flop right away. Though he does a mass role, he doesn't go over the top and deals things with swag. I absolutely loved Sketch and recommend it for any movie lover.

Sketch Live Updates & Public Talk

Chiyaan Vikram has come up with a mass entertainer Sketch in which he paired up with Tamannaah. Directed by Vijay Chander, this movie managed to create decent buzz, thanks to the mass songs from Thaman and Vikram's brand new mass avatar. Sketch has finally hit the screens today and as the first half of the film comes to an end, the movie is getting a decent response from the critics and the audience. See their Tweets to know more about Sketch Public Talk.

With early morning shows in many areas coming to an end, Sketch is getting a decent response from the critics and movie lovers. The second half seems to be as good as the first half and the climax is said to be one of the major highlights of the film. See what else the audience have to say about Sketch.

As the noon shows of Sketch come to an end, the movie is getting a mixed response. Though the reports are positive from the audience, the critics are slamming the team of Sketch for coming up with an age-old story with a lacklustre screenplay. Vikram's performance and Thaman's music seem to be the only positive factors about this flick. Check out the latest Tweets on Sketch here.

Stay tuned for more Public talk and live updates of Sketch.

Sketch Preview

What is Sketch about?

Sketch is an action comedy film starring Vikram and Tamannaah in the lead roles for the first time together. The film is written and directed by Vijay Chandar who had previously directed Vaalu while SS Thaman has composed the music for it. The film also stars Sri Priyanka, RK Suresh, Soori, and Vela Ramamoorthy in vital roles.

What to expect from Sketch (Tamil) Movie?

  •  Mass Entertainer

The film is expected to be a mass entertainer like most of Vikram’s films. It is full of action, romance and drama, which is the perfect combination to entertain audiences of all ages and likings.

  • Vikram Performance

Vikram is known to be a dedicated actor who gives his 100% when it comes to preparing for a role. In this film, he will be playing his own age and will be seen sporting a salt and pepper look.

  • Vikram and Tamannaah Pairing

Sketch marks the first time that Chiyaan Vikram and Tamannaah are working together for a film. This means that fans of both the actors will flock the theatres in excitement and the film is expected to be a hit.

  • Performance Oriented Film

Directed by Vijay Chander of Vaalu fame, this film is mainly oriented on the performances of the actors in it. The director himself has stated that the film will have a realistic touch to it which will be different from all the other mass entertainers.

  • Blockbuster Music

The music of the film has been composed by SS Thaman who has given mind-blowing music to films like Kick 2, Bruce Lee and Aagadu. The same is being expected from this film and songs like Atchi Putchi are already a hit among the fans.