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Mr. Local Review

U Comedy, Drama 2 hrs 37 mins May 17, 2019





Mr. Local Review & Rating


Mr. Local Review: You Have Seen It All Before But It Feels Okay

The premise

Sivakarthikeyan has forged a niche for himself with mass and masala entertainers with loads of comedy and heroism filled stories. Sometimes, his stories border on being mistaken for spoofs of the late 1980s and early 1990s films of Rajinikanth and other star heroes of the time. Still, they found traction with a section of audience and connected with common guys who found a new ally in him. But his previous film, Seema Raja failed at the box office and turned out to be his first ever genuine box office failure. 

The story

Now, he joins hands with M. Rajesh who is also coming from a string of box office failures. They have once again taken a safer route. Manohar is your average youngster in any masala film. He roams around with his friends and lives life happily (if you feel you have heard this already, it's not your problem) and has a day job in a car showroom. 

One day, he meets with Keerthana Vasudevan, a rising young entrepreneur. As we all know from our previous knowledge, the meeting happens quite accidentally through an accident. He is smitten by her immediately but she hates him like a self-respecting Tamil heroine in this genre. 

Keerthana also misunderstands him to such an extent that she even thinks that he fakes his love in order to get hold of her money. How dare she! Our hero is a good Samaritan and a morally upright person. Do only Tamil heroines have self-respect? He too has one. In the form of a big ego. How he clears the misunderstandings and unite with her or not form the basis of this story with several other subplots. 

The performances

Sivakarthikeyan is in his elements as usual and entertains you with his antics. There are several references to various films and dialogues. It is a sort of one-man show and he carried the film entirely on his shoulders. Nayanthara has received an undercooked role despite considerably higher screen-time. She's bubbly and serious at the same time and oozed glamor when needed. But it's not a character worthy of her current stature as a lady superstar. 

Sathish did a fantabulous job in a comedic role. His dialogue delivery and expressions are good. Robo Shankar too did a fine job. Yogi Babu has become stale sometime ago and it is painful to watch such a top of the line comedian playing such mediocre roles. Radhika is good as the mother of our protagonist.

Writing and direction

The story of the film has similarities to several past films and the prominent among them is Mannan. Though the narration works well to an extent alongside humor, the climactic portions appear manipulative than organic. The Paris episode is not at all convincing. The screenplay has several ups and downs and doesn't hold the attention of the audience at certain places. The direction by Rajesh is adequate rather than spectacular. 

The crew

The music is mediocre at best. The background score has a -we-have-already-heard-this-somewhere feeling. The cinematography is good. The editing could have been better with at least 10 minutes of runtime could have been cut down. The art department did a fine job. Production values are good but there is a sore lack of richness in certain portions of the film. 


Sivakarthikeyan has come up with a film which has all the staples of his success formula. Though the movie is fairly engaging for the most part, except his diehard fans, others may find it a tad taxing on their nerves. Not a bad one. But surely could have been better. Give it a try if you have no other choice. 


  • Entertaining narration (for the most part)
  • Nayanthara and Sivakarthikeyan pairing
  • Mass elements at right places


  • We have seen it all before
  • Mediocre music

Pycker Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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    17 May 19 @ 5:35 PM

    Ah! The same story

Mr. Local Live Updates & Public Talk

Sivakarthikeyan who rose to stardom with continuous hits at one time has faced an unexpected result with his previous film as the hero, Seema Raja. Now, he joins hands with OK OK director M. Rajesh and comes up with another mass entertainer Mr. Local in the lines of 1990s Rajinikanth films like mannan. With lady superstar Nayanthara as the female lead and riding on Sivakarthikeyan's stardom, the film has garnered a lot of attention before its release. The movie opened to a mixed response from the critics with some praising the entertainment quotient, others criticising routineness of the story. 

Nayanthara and Sivakarthikeyan's performances received a positive response and so is the case with their clash scenes. But the movie is said to have delivered on the promise of laughs and fun scenes with hero elevations. As usual, the movie also has Thala Ajith references. Also, the reference to Nayanthara's Kolamaavu Kokila worked out well in the theatres. Director Rajesh has tried to give yet another comedy entertainer without any story and has delivered it to some extent with Sivakarthikeyan. 

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Mr. Local Preview

What is Mr. Local About?

Mr. Local is an out and out mass masala entertainer of Sivakarthikeyan style. Directed by M. Rajesh of OK OK fame, the Studio Green production also stars Lady Superstar Nayanthara as the female lead and Yogi Babu, and Raadhika Sarathkumar in other important roles. Sivakarthikeyan has played the role of a sports person or there might be a few scenes where he is seen playing cricket or soccer. 

The trailer opens with him seen playing soccer in quite an aggressive manner in jail in a foreign country. Then we get see know about him through typical mass hero elevation like he is this and he is that. Another important aspect of the film appears to be the rivalry between him and Nayanthara where more than a few sparks fly. 

Though the film seems to follow a routine story, the treatment is entertaining and with a few visible references to some of the popular films. Even there is a dialogue uttered by Sivakarthikeyan which refers to Nayanthara's blockbuster film Kolamaavu Kokila. If you leave aside logics or aversion for a regular story, Mr. Local promises to be a slick masala entertainer. 

Mr. Local Promises

Sivakarthikeyan vs Nayanthara

The last time Sivakarthikeyan and Nayanthara acted together, it was in Velaikkaran and there wasn't a super prominent role for Nayanthara as a heroine. Now, it is not the case. In the one and year between that film and Mr. Local, Nayanthara established herself as a quintessential lady superstar and has scored back to back blockbusters. Even in Ajith's Viswasam, she has a commanding portion. Here in Mr. Local, she seems to have received a meaty role with the main conflict is between her Keerthana Vasudevan and Sivakarthikeyan's Manohar. 

Coming to Manohar, it is a role typical of Sivakarthikeyan's and has all the commercial elements and heroic elevations. Though his role is aimed at his fans for the most part overall it has the potential to attract the family audience. With a rivalry between Siva and Nayan reminding us of the films like Mannan where superstar Rajinikanth and the then top heroine Vijayashanthi locked horns. This makes for an intriguing watch. 

Pucca mass entertainer

Going by the trailers, promos, and from the previous experience, Sivakarthikeyan comes up with a high dose of entertainment with Mr. Local. He plays the role of a typical Desi boy with all the attitude expected of such youth. He is loved by all those around him, he is a good Samaritan, and has heroic characters. With a sports touch to the subject, the director seems to have taken a bit of a different route with Mr. Local. 

Team assembled by Studio Green

K. E. Gnanavel Raja of Studio Green is one of the top producers in South Indian Cinema. He joined hands with Udhayanidhi Stalin's Red Gaint Movies to bankroll this film. Apart from the director M. Rajesh, the makers have assembled some of the highly talented technicians. Hiphop Thamizha who knows the mass pulse composes the musical score. While Dinesh Krishnan handled the cinematography, Arthur A. Wilson canned a song. 

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