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Sindhubaadh Review

U/A Action, Drama 2 hrs 13 mins Jun 27, 2019





Sindhubaadh Review & Rating


Sindhubaadh: Vijay Sethupathi Tries Hard To Save This Half Hearted Entertainer

Like many other mid-range Tamil films, Sindhubaadh too had to overcome financial struggles before hitting the screens. After being postponed twice, Sindhubaadh released today. It marks the reunion of Vijay Sethupathi and Arun Kumar who have delivered super hit films like Pannaiyarum Padminiyum and Sethupathi. Sindhubaadh, despite very less promotional activities from the team, has created a decent buzz, thanks to the combination of Vijay Sethupathi and Arun Kumar. But will Sindhubaadh live up to those expectations? Let's find out in the review of Sindhubaadh.

Sindhubaadh revolves around the life of Thiru (Vijay Sethupathi), a small-time thief who picks pockets with the help of his assistant Super (Surya Vijay Sethupathi). They both share a good camaraderie and it is a treat to watch them. One fine day, Thiru meets Venba (Anjali) who is a contract laborer working in Malaysia. While she is on leave, Thiru accidentally meets her. Thiru expresses his love for her and after a while, she falls for him. She later moves to Malaysia. After a while, Thiru gets a call from her that she is abducted and she requests him to rescue her from Thailand. A hurried Thiru reaches Thailand but he clashes with Ling, a gangster. The rest of the film is about how Thiru rescues Venba.

The first half of Sindhubaadh is the major highlight of the film while the second half is the opposite of that. The light-hearted comedy scenes between Thiru and Super have been executed very well and their scenes with Thiru's uncle are yet another highlight. Also, Vijay Sethupathi - Anjali share superb onscreen chemistry which is realistic and believable. The songs, background score, and visuals in the first half are too good.
The second half goes for a toss as the core point has already been revealed Arun Kumar tries different things to reach the climax point. He adds unnecessary action sequences without logic which may irritate the audience. The only thing that keeps the audience glued to the seats is the complex characterization of Thiru and their emotional attachment with him. Though the second half had a few moments going its way, it needed more of such sequences to impress the audience.

Vijay Sethupathi who is in top form delivers yet another brilliant performance in the film. After portraying complex characters in films like Seethakathi, Super Deluxe, etc this role looks like a cakewalk for him. He is at his best in the comedy scenes in the first half and intense in the later parts of the movie. Though there is nothing exceptional he could do in the film, he manages to keep the audience interested. Anjali is a revelation and she shines in an energetic role. Her chemistry with Vijay Sethupathi is blissful and a treat to watch. Vijay Sethupathi's son Surya Vijay Sethupathi makes a confident debut as Super in the film.

Arun Kumar who has delivered solid hits in the past comes up with an interesting plotline yet again but falls flat while executing it. Had he been a little more careful in designing the second half of the film, Sindhubaadh would have been a huge blockbuster. Sadly, that is not the case here. Instead, he comes up with a flat second half loaded with lots of action sequences. Yuvan Shankar Raja has once again done complete justice as the music director of the film. His peppy songs in the first half and gripping background score elevate the film. Vijay Kartik Kannan’s cinematography is good too.

Overall, Sindhubaadh is not what we expected in the combination of Arun Kumar and Vijay Sethupathi. But it is not that bad as well. You may watch it for its light-hearted comedy and decent performances from the lead cast.


  • Comedy Scenes in the first half
  • Solid performances from the lead cast
  • Yuvan Shankar Raja's music
  • Visuals


  • Unnecessary action scenes
  • Writing and direction

Pycker Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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Sindhubaadh Live Updates & Public Talk

Vijay Sethupathi's Sindhubaadh was supposed to release last month but has been postponed multiple times already. The film has finally hit the screens today with early morning shows being canceled. The film's trailer has hit the bullseye and with Vijay Sethupathi being in top form, the film has created a decent buzz. The initial response from the audience and critics is decent with the first half being termed as entertaining. Check out the Tweets.

The background score by Yuvan Shankar Raja is said to be electrifying and Vijay Kartik Kannan's cinematography is also being appreciated. The way he captured Thailand and Tenkasi in a beautiful is said to be very impressive. Vijay Sethupathi and Anjali seem to have impressed the audience with their on-screen chemistry. The comedy scenes in the first half seem to have worked in favor of the film.

The film received a mixed response for its messed up and clumsy second half. It is said to be filled with random action sequences without any logic. Though the basic theme was decent it falls flat during the execution. Though the second half is a big mess, Sindhubaadh has overall received a decent response from the audience as a watchable film for Vijay Sethupathi's performance. Anjali, too, seems to have done a fantastic job as an independent and gutsy woman. Check out the latest public talk of Sindhubaadh below.

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Sindhubaadh Preview

What is Sindhubaadh About?

Sindhubaadh is about a duo of petty thieves played by Makkal Selvan Vijay Sethupathi and Surya Vijay Sethupathi - the son of Vijay Sethupathi on his big screen debut. The third combination between Vijay Sethupathy and filmmaker S. U. Arun Kumar, Sindhubaadh features Anjali as the lead lady. 

The movie revolves around the search of Thiru played by Vijay Sethupathi, a Thiruda (excuse the pun), for his wife who is abducted by a gang of criminals. We just have a glimpse of the villainous batch but a bit of detail about our protagonist. We get to see his love life. How he operates. And how tackles the various problems he faces. 

Sindhubaadh Promises

An intriguing action thriller

Sindhubaadh is an intriguing action thriller which has all the elements to keep the audience on the edge of the seat without depending too heavy violence or excruciatingly intense emotions. Everything plays out well. With discipline. The visuals are bright as is the case with the director's previous work. And in a relatively light-hearted manner. Seems like this modern take on Sindhubaadh mystery has all it takes to be a good entertaining choice for the weekend. Even the multiple postponements fail to sway the audience interest in the film. 

Vijay and Surya Vijay Sethupathi

From what is evidenced by the trailer, Surya Vijay Sethupathi has received a meaty role in the film. In fact, it strongly appears that he is playing a full-length role and a co-conspirator for his father's protagonist role. The way he has shown various expressions in different shots of the trailer, he has no camera fear and has a lot of ease in the histrionics department like his father, Vijay. 

And coming to Vijay Sethupathi himself, the Mr. Cinema already has lit the screens up a couple of times this year and both the roles he had portrayed are poles apart. He is back to a bit of mass action entertainer with Sindhubaadh. All within the first six months of the year. We can't expect anything lesser than the best from him and is sure to make our weekends fun-filled. 

S. U. Arun Kumar and his team

S. U. Arun Kumar had already collaborated with Mr. Cinema Vijay Sethupathi a couple of times. Both those films played their part in the development of the portfolio of the actor. Now, with Sindhubaadh, he is aiming to score a hattrick. Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed the musical score. If anything to go by the background score in the trailer, he surely elevated the narration with his work.

Vijay Karthik Kanna's cinematography is vibrant and atmospheric at the same time. The Vansan Movies and K Productions joint venture promises to be an intriguing watch. And actress Anjali's role has all the qualities her previous roles are known for. Fiery and at the same time romantic. 

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