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Silukkuvarupatti Singam Review

Action, Comedy, Dance 2 hrs 14 mins Dec 21, 2018





Silukkuvarupatti Singam Review & Rating

Silukkavarupatti Singam: A Mixtape of Good and Lewd Comedy

The premise

Actor Vishnu Vishal has made his career by alternating between serious, offbeat films and some seriously funny comedy capers. The prime example being the Ezhil directorial Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran. Now, following the same template as the above-said movie, Vishnu Vishal himself produced Silukkuvarupatti Singam with the debutant Challa Ayyavu. As the trailer and the other promos have given hints, the movie is all about comedy setpieces stitched into a full-blown movie. Let's see how much entertainment we can get with Silukkavarupatti Singam review. 

The Story

The main thread of the movie is that of a dreaded gangster who vows to kill a former minister. The Gangster is one of the most wanted. Now, coming to our hero, Sathyamoorthy aka Sakthi is a lower-wrung police officer, a young constable. His main duty involves not crime fighting but to carry the errands for the seniors. We know how it is always in these movies. Right? 

Sakthi has other duties too. To roam around with young beauties and dance with the local flame Kanaga played by the hot favorite of the youth Ovia Helen. She also rocks in a special song. Get ready to whistle your hearts out, guys. Now, after a few intro comedy setpieces, we get to see our gangster goes to Silukkavarpatti where our hero exists. There, his attempt goes wrong courtesy our hero and he is jailed. 

Not knowing who this person is, Sakthi tortures the gangster. The most wanted gangster in the local jail of Silukkavarupatti. But as we expect, the gangster escapes with the help of his men and vows to give our hero the ticket to heavens before going for the ex-minister. How Sakthi fight the gangster and become the eponymous Silukkavarupatti Singam form the rest of this absurd comedy. 

The direction

The movie is expected to be a clean entertainer. For the most part, the director has stuck to that plan. The early 15-minute block is used for introducing the setup and once Vishnu Vishal's Sakthi enters the scene the movie goes on the right track. The police station scenes where the wives of the arrested drunkards asking the police not to release them, and the scenes where Yogi Babu makes his presence felt turned out to be good. The interval bang came out quite well rising the hopes about the second half of the movie. 

But throwing dust on our hopes, the director failed to make all the scenes tick. The only few that click are just because of the actors. Not because of the juice in the scenes. There are rape-jokes here and there (a highly talented Hollywood director was fired by a big production house for similar jokes!!!) and lewd comedy in the name of a chase where Sakthi disguises himself as a woman and the villain's henchmen chase him. The off-color comedy should have been avoided. There is even a comment passed on by Yogi Babu about the climactic scene of Paruthiveeran. Bad in taste. 

The cast

Vishnu Vishal as the comic lead man is good in the role. While he was overshadowed by the comedy-gang in the previous films, this time, Silukkavarpatti entirely belongs to him. He is complemented well by the others in the cast. Regina Cassandra is just wasted in an insignificant heroine role (just to fill in) and Ovia has a whistle-worthy song. Rest of the cast members did what is required of them. 

The crew

The music by Leon James is good when it comes to the songs. But the background score is mediocre as he used most of the stereotypical sounds for the comedy scenes. The cinematography is good. The editing is done well by Ruben. The production values by Vishnu Vishal Studioz are excellent. 


Silukkavarupatti Singam is an honest attempt at generating loads of comedy and the comedy scenes are stitched well with the thread of the gangster in the first half. But the second half has too many setpieces which are rehashes of what we have seen in the past. The untoward rape-jokes mar the viewing experience. You can watch it for the fun and entertainment. But there isn't much to write about when it comes to a story. 


  • Comedy
  • Vishnu Vishal and Yogi Babu
  • Ovia's cameo


  • Some comedy setpieces are a rehash of the previously seen ones
  • Few jokes are too bad in taste

Pycker Rating: 2.75 out of 5

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  • Hari

    27 Feb 19 @ 2:48 PM

Silukkuvarupatti Singam Live Updates & Public Talk

After the resounding success of Ratsasan, actor Vishnu Vishal now comes with an absurd comedy film where he stars as a police constable. The movie created enough buzz but as it releases on the same weekend where four other big movies hitting the screens, we got to marvel at the audacity of the young actor who also produced the movie. Youth favorite Ovia Helen and Regina Cassandra play the female leads in this movie. The talk for this movie is mixed at best with the general consensus saying it as a fun entertainer which doesn't take itself seriously. 

The movie has loads of comedy with Vishnu Vishal leading from the front be it as the hero or in the comic scenes. The movie completely belongs to him. The movie is a fun entertainer from the word go. With madcap oneliners and goofy situations, it is a laugh riot. The movie is said to better than Vishnu Vishal's previous film  Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran. As the promos made it clear, the film is a jolly comedy entertainer without much story. 

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