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Shudhu Tomari Jonyo‬ Full Movie

U Drama, Romance 2 hrs 29 mins Oct 16, 2015
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Director: Birsa Dasgupta

Cast: Dev as Adi Sen, Srabanti Chatterjee as Nayantara Sen, Mimi Chakraborty as Koli, Soham Chakraborty as Siraz.

Sudhu Tomari Jonyo Story

Directed by Birsa Dasgupta, Shudhu Tomari Jonyo is a Bengali remake of Tamil film Raja Rani. The film revolves around an unhappy couple Adi sen and Nayantara Sen played by Dev and Srabanti Chatterjee. The film opens with their marriage which they did just to make their parents happy. They are absolutely disinterested in each other's life. Adi started to come home late and drunk to annoy Nayantara. A frustrated Nayantara applies for a transfer in her office.

In a twist of an event when Nayantara falls ill, Adi came to know about his wife's past. Nayantara was in love with a Muslim man Siraz Chowdhury (Soham Chakraborty) but her father didn't approve their relationship. They had planned to elope to get married but Siraz couldn't make it to the marriage register's office. Later, she came to know that Siraz had committed suicide. Adi started turned into a caring husband after he discovered the past of his wife. Nayantara too came to know about Adi's past. Adi got married to the love of his life Koli (Mimi Chakraborty). On the day of the wedding, Koli died in a car accident in front of Adi's eyes. Learning about's Adi's past Nayantara became empathetic towards him. 

Both developed a weak spot for each other but none of them expressed their feelings to their partners. Nayantara's application for transfer got approved. 

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