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Shokuner Lov

Thriller Feb 7, 2020
Shokuner Lov





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Anirban Sengupta (Parambrata Chatterjee) became cornered in both of his private and professional life. Sengupta, a senior reporter of a daily, failed to find out any growth path in his career, as he was the victim of the office politics. On the other hand, he lost his love, rather sacrificed his love for journalism, which is not only a mere job but also a passion and a dream to Sengupta. Again, his mother is in death bed. Sengupta’s father was a renowned sports journalist, who died earlier.

When Sengupta felt that he reached the dead end, a ray of hope suddenly came out. He got crucial information on a city murder that took place 16 years ago and he was the first reporter, who had reached the spot at Dalhousie area. A Persian lady was killed. The assailant had pumped a single bullet into her head. The Kolkata Police had closed the file keeping the mystery unsolved. However, after 16 years the new commissioner of police of Kolkata was eager to solve the old riddle. Anirban started receiving chain of information. He took it as his last chance for his comeback.

But again, Sengupta found a number of hurdles to attain his goal. This time, he received blow from his office itself. He tried his best to look forward but it was dark and black.                        

Shokuner Lov Cast & Crew

  • Parambrata Chatterjee


  • Anindya Bikas Dutta