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Sherlock Toms Full Movie

U Comedy 2 hrs 27 mins Sep 29, 2017
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Sherlock Toms Story

Director: Shafi

Cast: Biju Menon as PL Thomas aka Sherlock Toms, Miya as Shiney Mattummel, Srinda Ashab as Rekha Toms, Salim Kumar as Choulo Ashan, Hareesh Perumanna as Fakrudeen, Vijayaraghavan as Unneesho Mappila

Thomas Joy is a huge fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic investigative stories which has Sherlock Holmes as the lead character from his childhood. Like Sherlock Toms, he also has keen observation skills and high intelligence and he grows up to be an IRS officer despite all the hiccups in his life. He gets married to Rekha who is a stubborn woman who won't adjust with him and his father in any way. 

All hell breaks loose when a raid planned by him goes awry, thanks to his nagging wife who interferes. He gets suspended and he ended up having a tiff with his wife for which she files a case on the grounds of Domestic Violence. Tom gets arrested and his advocate fails to prove his innocence. Humiliated, Tom decides to end his life. 

He goes to a five-star hotel and ends up in the room rented by Unneesho Mappila where the missing currencies from the raid are kept. Tom, standing on the window of the room, catches the attention of people and soon the police and the media arrives. He threatens to jump from there unless his suspension is withdrawn and demands his wife signs the divorce papers. Meanwhile, he discovers the currency in the room and thing takes a surprising turn.

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