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Ranarangam Review

U/A Action, Crime, Drama 2 hrs 18 mins Aug 15, 2019





Ranarangam Review & Rating

Ranarangam Review: We Have Seen It All Million Times

The premise

Godfather 101!

If Ram Gopal Varma hasn't made like 100 movies based on the American crime classic. Young director Sudheer Varma comes up with a film which is clearly inspired by The Godfather, especially Godfather - Part II. Sharwanand has been searching for a winsome film for quite some time. Let's see if both of them score a hit with Ranarangam review. 

The template

There's a youngster. He indulges in petty crime. Obviously, he has none to call his and is an orphan. Using historical opportunities, he becomes a dreaded name in crime. In the process, he makes several enemies. They want his head no matter what. He loses some of his people (his friends etc.) and he moves away from the present in search of a new future. But his past catches up with him. We have seen it all. 

The story

In Ranarangam the petty crimes our hero indulges himself in was black tickets. The historic opportunity was the ban on liquor by N. T. Rama Rao in 1995. Our hero is Deva and in the meanwhile, he falls in love with the heroine and she accepts his love despite knowing him to be a gangster. 

The film starts in Spain where an aging gangster who is leading a peaceful life away from his past life with his teen child finds himself in trouble again. Who still nurse grudge against him and how he puts an end to the trouble form the plot of the film. 

Writing and direction

Sudheer Varma comes up with a story which has been watched by all of of us in one form or the other. The narration is equally oldish. Add to that the split narration (film oscillates between the past and present) makes it bothersome. The screenplay is predictable and the villains are caricatures than fleshed out. The direction is good but the dialogues written by Sudheer Varma are good. 

Performances and characterization

Sharwanand did his best in the film and is terrific until he has to smile - at such times he looks sheepish than handsome. He has shown the variation between two time periods. His styling is good. The dialogue delivery is apt. His screen presence added the required aura for the gangster look. 

Kalyani Priyadarshan is neat as Deva's first love and later his wife. Her screentime is low. Same is the case with Kajal. She received an undercooked role. All she has to do is to smile but fortunately, she looked good smiling than the hero himself. Her character though comes in the present part of the film (2015), her characterization is straight out of the heyday of K. Raghavendra Rao. 

Take, for example, this scene. Kajal walks on the road and accidentally bumps into him. He smiles at her (one more time) and she smiles back and presto! Love happens. It's the same case with Kalyani Priyadarshan's role too. But at least, that part of the story happens in Pelli Sandadi days. Talking about Pelli Sandadi, the song picturized on Sharwa and Kalyani is good but doesn't blend into the narrative mood of this film. 

Why not the villain bump into the hero and both smile at each other and leave their animosity? No. Only heroines are given such a facility. Murli Sharma is introduced as a dreaded villain. An MLA who eliminates people with a snap. After that, he just shivers at the thought of the hero and becomes what our regular commercial villains in Sreenu Vaitla films. The performances of the others are pretty average. 

The crew

The music of the film is okayish. Still, for how many years, we have to bear with music directors using classical music and ragas when hero and heroine meet? Are they thinking using such sounds add depth to the relationship of the lead pair? It's more irritating nowadays. The cinematography is excellent and the color palettes used for various scenes is superb. It added a character to the film and helped it appear like a neo-noir which certainly not is the case with this film. The editing is bland. The production design is exemplary. The 1990s spirit is captured well. Production values are neat. 


Ranarangam is not at all a new film and except for a few flashes of brilliance, it is better avoided. Sharwanand needs to rethink his strategy. One more good work of his is wasted. The film may appeal to hardcore gangster film lovers to an extent. Others can read the first sentence of this review and watch that film. 


  • Sharwanand


  • Lost the count of how many times we have seen a film like this.

Pycker Rating: 1.5 out of 5

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  • Sreeteja

    16 Aug 19 @ 12:44 AM

    Meeku review kudha ivvadam radhu evaru release ayindanii deniki takkuva isthara movie simply super

  • tarun raja

    25 Aug 19 @ 12:18 PM

    good movie
  • Sri

    17 Aug 19 @ 8:43 PM

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