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Shantilal O Projapoti Rohosyo Review

Thriller Aug 15, 2019





Shantilal O Projapoti Rohosyo Review & Rating

Shantilal O Projapoti Rohoshyo Review: A smart high-paced thriller powered by brilliant acting 

The premise - The mystery and the sleuth

Shantilal O Projapoti Rohoshyo revolves around two people, two poles of the film. One is Shantilal Bhattacharya (Ritwick Chakraborty), who works as a weather reporter for a daily. Exhausted with his thankless and monotonous job when he decided to quit his job after nine years, he lands upon something which can be sensational news of the year.  The second prime character of the movie is Nandita (Paoli Dam), a superstar who is all set to start her political career. Her decision has actually made many in the industry frown. She is the centre of the mystery Shantilal is determined to unfold.

Acting - It is a world of two

As promised, the movie is a thriller, where we see an ordinary person eventually turning into a detective decoding one clue after another. The movie has an engaging plot and a refreshing approach to the story. The brilliant performances by Ritwick Chakraborty and Paoli Dam are cherry on the top. The movie doesn’t have several plots or characters. Ritwick alone carries the story on his shoulder while Paoli’s character Nandita, a top actress ready to venture into politics adds mystery and thrill to it.  Ambarish Bhattacharya and Goutam Ghose did justice to their roles but are underuitlized in teh plot

The direction and the crew

Pratim D. Gupta deserves praising for his smart direction. He took a simple plot and served it with immense care. The director fixed all the holes that the story had and kept it as much compact as it can be. The dramatic unfolding of the movie can keep the audience hooked to the screen. All the credits go to the filmmaker only. Cinematographer Subhankar Bhar and editor Subhajit Singha deserve the special mention.

The shortcomings 

However, the film fails to create any memorable and interesting side characters. Shankar Chakraborty, Goutam Ghose, Ambarish Bhattacharya appear in interesting roles but disappear in the midway. Ambarish’s character Rocket Ranjan looked interesting but he disappears before the audience could realize how he fits in the story. The credibility of Shantilal’s investigation in the abroad was compromised when he gets easy access to the answers he is looking for on the porn industry there.

Despite the loophole, the film is a thoroughly enjoyable, high paced movie. It’s an intriguing thriller with a fresh and original storyline that merges humor, thriller, family drama without going overboard. In the end, Shantilal O Projapoti Rohoshyo is more about the human qualities and humanity more than a bone-chilling thriller. Watch it for the ovie, not for the genre. 

The Positives

  • High pace
  • Fresh concept
  • Smart execution
  • Brilliant performances by the leads
  • Humorous 

The Negatives

Characters keep disappearing 

Not-so-believable at places 

Pycker Ranking: 3.5

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Shantilal O Projapoti Rohosyo Preview

What is Shantilal O Projapoti Rohoshyo all about?

Shantilal O Projapoti Rohoshyo revolves around Shantilal Bhattacharya, a weather reporter. Bored of his job, he finally gets the taste of thrill when he somehow lands on a lead about the mysterious background of superstar Nandini, who is all set to start her political career. Shantilal starts to decode the mystery with his sheer intelligence and observation power.

What to expect from the film?  

A mindblowing plot

Pratim D. Gupta is one of those filmmakers who has never disappointed. He has returned with a unique and fresh concept every time. This time, he brings an original detective saga where we see an ordinary man's extraordinary journey who gradually becomes a sleuth and solves the mystery. 

Brilliant performance

The film will see Ritwick and paoli sharing screen one more time. With such top-notch actors working in a movie, no wonder people will expect amazing performances by the casts. 

A smart and sleek film

The trailer has shown the potential of being a smart and intelligent cinema. Hopefully, the film won't fall short to the expectation of the viewers. 


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