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Shaadi Mubarak Review

U Comedy, Romance 2 hrs 16 mins Mar 5, 2021





Shaadi Mubarak Review & Rating

Shadi Mubarak Review: Works In Parts (On YouTube)

Any rich NRI youngster is generally two types in Telugu films. One is the heroic type who comes back to India to do something good to the fellow countrymen. Or the other comical style (not comedians) who comes to India to marry a Telugu girl (as this is a Telugu movie) - a match brought by parents or through the brokers.

Here, in Shadi Mubarak, the twist is that the marriage broker fails to attend at the right time but gets the protagonist 3 matches. The broker sends a young lady to accompany our hero. This much is enough for us to guess what happens next. So, why watch this film Shadi Mubarak? The movie received a little bit of attention courtesy the lead actor who played the role of RK Naidu in a popular daily serial (Mogali Rekulu). But that was a long time ago. He’s already looking a bit aged for the role in this film.

Thankfully, but unfortunately, the director used this age factor to generate humour. That didn’t work always. But a few times, you can have a few hearty laughs. Sagar R. K. Naidu has got his styling right and did the role with ease. But it’s evident from the first frame that he’s not a cut out made for big screens. And he certainly lost a portion of fans as it was long ago that the famous serial had its run on TV.

Drishya Raghunath who played the lead lady is neat in her performance. She’s lively and chirpy in the role. She is capable of delivering beautiful expressions and can make good fortune as a small film lead actress. If she gets further chances... that is. Senior actresses like Jhansi and young known faces like Rahul Ramakrishna and RJ Hemanth are under-utilised.

The writing by Padmasri (no, not Brahmanandam from Dookudu) - the filmmaker is not adequate to make a full length feature film. He has given an urbane and modern treatment to the subject (properly representing the current generation youth and their aspirations) and the way he conceived a few scenes is good. But he couldn’t sustain the interest of the audience for more than a few minutes on a trot. The direction is okayish. He needs to improve a lot to handle longer films.

The music of the movie by Sunil Kashyap is good and pleasant. The songs are scene-breakers though. The cinematography is passable. The editing is pretty mediocre. The art work is okayish. The production values are good enough.

Overall, Shadi Mubarak may work as a timepass flick to watch on YouTube (split into scenes and bits) than as a complete film. Even on OTT it cannot command sustained attention from the audience. You can skip it.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

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  • Kiran Pawar

    14 Mar 21 @ 9:19 PM


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