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Seethamma Andalu Ramayya Sitralu Full Movie

U Drama, Romance Jan 29, 2016
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Seethamma Andalu Ramayya Sithralu Story

Director: Srinivas Gavireddy

Cast: Raj Tharun as Sri Ram, Arthana Binu as Mahalakshmi

Seethamma Andalu Ramayya Sithralu has Raj Tarun and newcomer Aarthana Binu in the lead roles and is directed by Srinivas Gavireddy. The film is set up in Ramapuram, a beautiful village in Andhra Pradesh. Raj Tarun plays Sree Ram who is happy go lucky guy who lives in the village with his parents and a bunch of friends. He loves Mahalakshmi from his childhood and his only aim in his life is to marry her. She leaves to City for higher education and visits village only during holidays. Ram tries to propose her many times but fails big time.

After a certain point of time, she develops a positive opinion on him because of a few incidents. They both become good friends. When Mahalakshmi comes to know that Ram is in love with her she rejects him and starts hating him. However, Ram tries his best to impress her by explaining his honest feelings towards her. Mahalakshmi accepts his proposal but then comes a bigger challenge of convincing the parents of Mahalakshmi.

Mahalakshmi's father (Raja Ravindra) right away rejects Ram's proposal to marry his daughter and finds a match for her. The family of Mahalakshmi throws a challenge at Ram for him to marry Mahalakshmi. How Sri Ram wins the challenge to marry the love of his life forms the rest of the story.

Seethamma Andalu Ramayya Sithralu ended the successful run of Raj Tharun at the box office after consecutive hits. The film didn't impress the audience as the story was quite old and the screenplay in the second half is pretty average. However' Gopi Sunder's songs were superb and especially Paravasam is one of the best melodies from Gopi Sunder. The film was a flop at the box office.

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