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Seethakaathi Review

U Drama 2 hrs 53 mins Dec 20, 2018





Seethakaathi Review & Rating

Seethakaathi: A Fitting Tribute To The Artist Called Vijay Sethupathi

The premise

Seethakaathi is a film unlike any we have watched this year. 2018 can be marked as the field year (like field day) for Vijay Sethupathi. He has acted in several films with varying degrees of commercial success. But he never failed as an actor. Be it in the pure romance film 96 or as the wily cop in Chekka Chivantha Vaanam or as the bumbling don in Junga. He took center stage. He took a backseat. But he was never out of the spotlight. 

Seethakaathi is his 25th film and can be treated as a tribute to his acting abilities. Ironic, eh? The  Balaji Tharaneetharan directorial has everything it takes to be a quintessential Vijay Sethupathi film. It has a strong subject. An innovative narration. And it gives scope for Makkal Selvan to put his acting prowess to the fore. Let's see how all this turns out with Seethakaathi review. 

A metafilm

Ayya Aadhimoolam is a theatre artist par excellence. He never compromises about his values so much so that he is always at odds with his family as money is not a friend of his. He was asked several times by the film producers to act in the movies or to give his presence to the cinemas. But he finds cinemas not his cup of tea. 

But he relents and when he finally turns his attention to the world of films, he becomes a superstar. But that is not what Seethakaathi about. The initial half hour of the movie revolves around Ayya and his various roles. He life and acting prowess are shown in several vignettes. Then suddenly, quite suddenly, Balaji Tharaneetharan turns the movie on its head. The movie becomes a laugh riot. 

A film about art and artists

Seethakaathi is a tribute to art and artists. Also a homage to the art of filmmaking. Of course, it's like saying Take A bow Vijay Sethupathi. It's time we celebrate your achievements. What an actor he is! He single-handedly keeps the movie on a steady track in the first 40 minutes. Even when he is not on the screen, his presence is felt. The brilliance of the writing. And the knack of the actor to deliver his best time and again. 

Balaji Tharaneetharan direction

Director Balaji has come up with a metafilm. A film about the art of filmmaking and staging of dramas. The allusions he comes up with in the narration make the proceedings tick. But Seethakaathi is not a film for everyone who wants to entertain themselves in the weekend. Of course, the movie has loads of laugh out moments. But you need to understand what is what and what is not by closely paying attention. 

The crew

The music by Govind Vasantha is good. The cinematography by Saraskanth T. K. goes hand in hand with the narration. The editing is part of the director's vision. We can't comment about this. The production values are top-notch. The art department excelled. It's a filmmaker's film. 


Seethakaathi is a movie that caters to those who wants to watch a wondrous and innovative film unlike anything we get to watch every weekend. It may not appeal to every section of the audience. But its quirkiness has its own beauty. Vijay Sethupathi's presence in the first 40 minutes is alone worth the ticket price. The comedy in the latter part of the movie is a bonus. But be warned. The first half itself runs about 100 minutes. The movie is long. 


  • Vijay Sethupathi
  • Balaji Tharaneetharan vision
  • The innovative narration


  • Lengthy
  • Not everyone's cup of tea

Pycker Rating: 3 out of 5

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Seethakaathi User Reviews

  • Hari

    27 Feb 19 @ 2:47 PM

  • Thiru

    20 Dec 18 @ 12:46 AM

    Wonderful movie

  • Thiru

    20 Dec 18 @ 12:46 AM

    Wonderful movie

Seethakaathi Live Updates & Public Talk

Vijay Sethupathi starrer Seethakaathi is said to be a wondrous film with an innovative narration. The movie which is about art and a tribute to art comes out as a satire on the machinations of the power centers in the artistic field. Makkal Selvan Vijay Sethupathi plays the role of Ayya Aadhimoolam, a veteran thespian who becomes a superstar in the field of cinema. Balaji Tharaneetharan of Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom fame helms this highly anticipated film. The movie hits the screens tomorrow. With the press shows and previews are already done, Seethakaathi is hailed as the finest example of concept over star power. 

Vijay Sethupathi did a great job in the role of Ayya Aadhimoolam and Rajkumar, Mouli, and Sunil (cousin of actor Vaibhav) delivered their best. The length of the movie is negatively commented upon with the first half alone runs about 1:40 hours and the second half feels like a drag. But, the movie has many moments of cinematic brilliance and Seethikathi is a special film. The movie is said to be modern Tamil Cinema's first genuine attempt at magic realism. 

The movie is built on a very unique conundrum which makes the portion post the 40-minute mark a laugh riot. Seethakaathi is said to be a metafilm which is both a satire and an endearing drama on art. The movie is a tribute to the art of dramas and filmmaking. The movie, Vijay Sethupathi's silver jubilee film, has everything it takes to be a well-deserved milestone film for the versatile actor. 

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Seethakaathi Preview

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