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Seema Raja Review

U Comedy, Family 2 hrs 38 mins Sep 13, 2018





Seema Raja Review & Rating

Seemaraja review: A Spoof of a Spoof Which Is A Bore Fest

Sivakarthikeyan and Ponram's previous combination saw the hero named after superstar Rajinikanth. This time, they took the references to the superstar a step further in Seemaraja. Five minutes into the movie, we can already spot two elements that the recent Thalaivar film, Kaala, employed: chaos during a cricket match and the entry of the hero with a dog in tow. 

A little later, there’s a Padayappaesque sequence and much later into the film, you’ll see Seemaraja arriving in a helicopter, much like the highly popular scene in Sivaji. Even the camera angle is similar to the one employed in Sivaji. It seems the director is paying tribute to the legendary Shankar. 

Though neither the makers nor the hero made it clear in the lead up to the film, Seemaraja is more of a Tamizh Padam like spoof film than a star hero mass attempt. We could well consider it a tribute to Tamizh Padam movies too. The only plus point of this film is the flashback episode which happened at around 500-600 years ago. A Baahubali spoof?

Ponram discovered a winning formula when he made the blockbuster Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam, his first collaboration with Sivakarthikeyan, in 2013. The formula is simple: lead the film with a self-centered hero, and pair him with a sidekick whose primary job is to indulge his master’s ego. And have them chase around the most beautiful girl in the town. Just to make things a bit interesting, throw in a few equally egoistic opponents. Chimple. It worked wonders the first time in Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam. Ponram milked it further the second time in Rajini Murugan in 2016. He has again tried to exploit the already overused premise with Seema Raja. But, not everytime the same works. 

Kadambavel Raja, lovingly called as Seema Raja, is the titular king in waiting in Singampatti village, which was ruled by his family for generations before until India passed the abolition of Zamindari bill. The government now controls lands and other properties that belonged to his royal family. But, not the title or the feeling that his family still owns the village. 

Raja has a sidekick/personal assistant, of course, played by Soori. Like all Ponram heroes, vanity is Seema Raja’s favorite kind of sin. He is the kind who doesn’t think twice before taking credit for other people’s work, as long as he gets to be the center of attraction. He takes false credit for shooting a leopard. He courts arrest to impress his crush Suthanthira Selvi played by Samantha Akkineni in a wasted role but tricks other people into believing that he was going to jail for greater good. The words like integrity and humility desert him. Even his dog is painted like a leopard and people believe in it. 

The film is not so accommodating to its leading lady, Samantha Akkineni. Her character, Suthanthira Selvi, is a Silambam teacher who can handle any tough situation with aplomb. It is quite a downer when we see her playing a damsel in distress later. Similar is the fate of much-hyped Simran's role as the villain. Her role is that of a stereotyped vamp in the film. She is portrayed as a home wrecker who seduces a married man. She has the temper of Kaali, who she is named after, and she thirsts after power. This character has potential but the film refuses to mine it. What we get instead is theatrics and drama as commented upon by Soori in the trailer. A glamor doll. 

In between all this, we have to search for a stereotypical story of the faction between the good-hearted family of the hero and the cold-blooded villains from another village. The flashback sequence about the hero's ancestor who fought against Allauddin Khilji is really done well. But unfortunately, except for this, Seemaraja falls flat on its face. There are a lot of facepalm moments in the name of comedy. The treatment of women characters leaves a lot to be desired including even Soori's wives. Yes. 4 in number by the end of the film. 

The less we talk about the music and other aspects of the film the better. Seemaaja's sole purpose is to elevate Sivakarthikeyan's image as a hero, which it does admirably. But in between all this, what could have been a fun ride with a good message is degraded to the level of a spoof-filled film. Watch it if you like Sivakarthikeyan's antics and few crass comedy scenes. Rest, you can safely avoid this 

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    27 Feb 19 @ 2:52 PM

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    not so much good

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    16 Sep 18 @ 10:24 PM

Seema Raja Preview

What is Seemaraja about?

Seemaraja is the story of a guy who transforms from the intertown king to king of the kings. A love story, a story of two factions and a bit of heroism blended with mass comedy. Sivakarthikeyan's first ever combination with Samantha couldn't have come out at a better time. She is on a hot streak. This film is also his third collaboration with the director Ponram. 

Judging from the trailer, the story is set in Madurai and is dominated by characters that are filled with pride. There seem to be two big families that have been at war for generations in the village. Sivakarthikeyan’s Seema Raja comes from the family which enjoys unconditional support and respect from villagers. 

And his rival house is headed by a matriarch played by Simran who desires for power and authority over the entire village. And, the battle for the turf is not going to be easy for the rivals as Seema Raja, which literally translates to the king of the town (intertown king or the king of a certain area), seems to take his title a bit too seriously. And it is their rivalry form the backbone of the film. It is filled with mass elements. 

What to expect from Seemaraja?

Sivakarthikeyan show all the way

Sivakarthikeyan who made himself a recognizable name in Tamil Cinema with Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam and became one of the young star heroes with Rajini Murugan. The common element of these films is the director Ponram. The star and the Starmaker joined hands with Seemaraja for the third time. And their combination till now produced two of the finest romantic comedies. 

In Seemaraja, apt to the title, he won’t enter the public arena before he’s given a formal and lengthy introduction filled with adulation. He is also surrounded by yes men, who suggest that only Deepika Padukone is the right match for him when a seemingly irritated Samantha asked him to look at his face in a mirror, which leads to the final scene in the trailer, where he even tells his rival that he’s going to grow in popularity and authority. “Till now, you only saw me as Seema Raja. From here on, you will see me as Rajadhi Raja. 


Once a top heroine, Simran has been playing supporting roles every now and then. Now with Seemaraja, she returns to lead roles with a bang albeit with a villainous role where she takes Seemaraja head on. She meets fire with fire. That was evident in the trailer where she asks her henchmen to beat the bush out of our hero and then when her men failed, she taunts them by asking them if they need sarees instead of lungi. But there's a sexist remark immediately follows, a glam doll is showing her antics. Is that what Simran is for in the movie?

Ponram direction

As of now, Ponram directed four films and every one of them turned out to be successful at the box office. He injects mass elements with humor and hero elevation without appearing to be too serious. He has made Sivakarthikeyan a household name and then a star hero Now, their combination with Seemaraja promises to be a king of the kings at the festival box office. Interestingly, like his rival in the film is a woman, he is fighting for the box office supremacy on Vinayagar Chaturthi with Samantha headed U-Turn. 

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