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Section 375: Marzi Ya Jabardasti Review

U/A Drama 2 hrs 4 mins Sep 13, 2019





Section 375: Marzi Ya Jabardasti Review & Rating

Section 375: Must-watch Courtroom Drama

The premise 

Justice is abstract and the law is the fact - Tarun Saluja

India, especially the entertainment industry experienced the ripples of MeToo movement a year ago. It had shaken the industries and the repercussions of the same can be felt even today. Most of the cases filed ended with the accused being given a clean hit or acquired for the lack of evidence. Sometimes big shots are accused filed defamation cases on the alleged victims of sexual harassment. The cases which went to the court can even be counted on the number of nails on a single finger.

Courtroom dramas have an advantage over other smaller budget films because of our tendency to get curious about arguments of others and on the budgetary side, they could be shot on limited locations. Most of the recent courtroom dramas in Bollywood are tightly constructed and Section 375 is no different. Here, the case is: MeToo.

The story

Anjali Dangle, a young costume designer files a case against a bigwig filmmaker Rohan Khurana.

As the forensic evidence is pointing towards rape, the director is sentenced 10 years of rigorous imprisonment. But the director maintains his innocence and asks his wife to believe in him. She approaches Tarun Saluja, a notoriously famous lawyer who is known for his astute handling of troublesome cases. He believes that he is not in the business of justice but the business of law. 

Opposite to him as the state prosecutor is Hiral Gandhi, his ex-protege. She  believes in justice being served and is polar opposite of his take on law as business. The result is a tug of war between them with several angles covered on the issue at hand. Who is the guilty and who wins in the end? Justice or law? The master or his best student? The answers to these questions form of the rest of the story.

Writing and direction

Writing is the biggest plus point of Section 375. The way a sensitive issue like rape is handled in this film is admirable. They writers presented both sides of the argument in as impartially as possible. The ending is explosively good. The dialogues are sharp and hard hitting. The narration is gutsy. The screenplay of the film is tightly woven. 


Akshaye Khanna is fantastic in the role as a high profile lawyer who means business and who believes in business. His character arc is the defining element of the film and he executed it organically. Richa Chaddha as Hiral the public prosecutor is neat in her role. She could have taken a bit more intensity in her dialogue delivery though. Meera Chopra is the surprise packet of the film and she enacted her role in an impactful manner. Rahul Bhatt as the accused (director) and Shriswara are near in their characters. Sandhya Mridul makes her presence felt as Mrs. Saluja. 

The crew

Music is another high point of the film with the background score is superbly constructed. The cinematography is outstanding. Sudhir K.  Chaudhary utilised various angles to present different perspectives. The lighting scheme suited the mood of the film. The editing is inch-perfect. The production design is competent. And the production values are good. 


Section 375 is a tautly constricted and sincerely executed courtroom drama which treated the issue at hands in a sensible and objective manner. The outstanding performances and the excellent dialogues add value to the already good film. Highly recommended. 


• Akshaye Khanna Vs Richa Chadha

• Meera Chopra 

• Top-notch writing

• Excellent direction 

• Topical subject matter objectively dealt with


• Non-commercial nature of the film

Pycker Rating: 3.25 out of 5 

Reviewed by: GitacharYa 

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