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Savyasachi Review

U/A Action, Drama, Thriller 2 hrs 30 mins Nov 2, 2018





Savyasachi Review & Rating


Savyasachi Review: Refreshing Twist To A Regular Revenge Drama

The premise

Every one of us thinks things are in our hands, especially when it comes to our life, and we can control everything. Our life is in our thoughts is a fulfilling thought and it gives a sense of pride and security. But imagine a situation you are facing an unknown enemy whose motives and identity are a big mystery. You are forced to become a pawn in their game and you have no choice but playing the game along. An opening comes at a certain point of time, but till then, you are not in control. This has never been explored more emphatically than in the South Korean classic Oldboy. 

A similar template of an unknown villain making our hero run from place to place to find his missing niece. Savyasachi has a plot element, vanishing twin syndrome. Where the life juices of one of the twins in the womb are absorbed by the other. Vikram's left hand is controlled by that vanished twin. The movie starts with an intriguing manner with the story of Bhasmasura is playing in the backdrop of the titles. The first twenty minutes keep our eyes glued to the screen. We get to know Vikram... Aditya. 

How the narration goes

Vikram is an ad filmmaker. He has a loving family and like every self-respecting Telugu hero of modern times, he has a failed love story and a niece with whom he shares a great bond. Some flashbacks are shown when Chitra comes up with a proposal for an ad. Chitra is the girl whom Vikram loved in his college. A few flashback scenes are shown with a few comedy scenes and a couple of songs. Vennela Kishore and Satya play Aditya's assistants. as is customary with Telugu films, Vennela Kishore character is transported into the flashback scenes for comic relief. First things first. There some really good laughs in the first half of the film. 

After a trip to New York in making the ad film, Vikram is jolted to known that his niece is kidnapped. Enter Arun Raj played by the maddeningly good Madhavan in his proper Tollywood debut. Arun is a mystery to Vikram and why he kidnapped his niece is not known. Vikram has two tasks at hand. First, find who Arun is. Next, save his niece to the delight of his sister played by Bhumika Chawla. 

The rest of the story revolves around how Vikram solves the mystery of Arun and save his niece. In what way the vanished twin help Arun (because his left hand is super powerful, you know?) Vikram in fighting Arun is another curious point of the movie. A regular revenge drama served in a delicious package with ample commercial elements.

Top class performances

Naga Chaitanya excelled in the role is like saying a routine assessment. Finally, after more than a dozen films in the lead roles, received a chance to showcase his complete acting range. He is expectedly good in the romantic scenes and lifted otherwise stale scenes. His screen presence is dramatically improved over the last couple of films, and now in Savyasachi, we can say that he has finally arrived. Even certain dance movements in Lagayathu song are extremely good. The stylishness factor he exuded is to be seen to believe. But the characterization is not as good as the efforts he has put into the film. 

Madhavan is another major plus point of Savyasachi and as a villain he is adorable. A difficult way to say this, but it is true. He knows the nuances of acting quite well and used every ounce of his talent to make the character of Arun Raj tick. He took care not to completely overshadow the hero. A great role to make his Tollywood entry. 

Niddhi Agerwal is ravishing in the role of Chitra and there are few good scenes for her in the second half. As the romance scenes are not executed well enough, we may get a feeling that she has a limited screen time. Acting wise, she is pretty average. But she is here to stay. With all the fan following she has gained over the last few months, it is not going to be tough.

Bhumika Chawla has a limited but crucial role in the movie. She did a fine job. An experienced hand always elevate ordinary characters on the screen. Same is the case with Rao Ramesh as the doctor who explains to the audience (of course to the character on the screen) what vanishing twin syndrome is. His screen presence oozes the necessary wisdom. Vennela Kishore is hilarious and so is Satya. 

Inadequate narration

The story of Savyasachi has a great potential to make it a slick world-class thriller. But the director and the lead actor chose to make it in a complete commercial format. So, what could have been a rivetting basic point took a backseat in this revenge drama and is used only as a plot solving superpower rather than lot moving device. The end-suspense in the character of Madhavan may turn off a section of the audience. There are a few scenes which are difficult to guess but overall, a complete feeling is missed in the movie. A wasted opportunity to come up with a truly new cinema. 

Terrific efforts by the crew

Keeravani put his experience into complete effect in supporting several scenes in the movie. The songs are good and the remix of Lagayathu is done very well. But the song placement marred the effect. The choreography for the song is excellent. So are the action sequences by Ram and lakshman. The cinematography is lavish in scale and so are the production values. Whereas the photography is atmospheric for the majority of the movie, the New York scenes are colorful. The editing could have been done well. Certain transition effects don't go well with the narrative flow. 

And the result

Finally, Savyasachi is a different attempt for Naga Chaitanya and he is established as a complete commercial hero. Madhavan is superb and Niddhi adds the required glamor. But informed audience may feel the movie is a completely missed chance. But the regular audience may feel the novelty in the basic point and the mass elements are sure to connect with them. A one time watch without any regrets. 

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Savyasachi User Reviews

  • Aditya

    18 Nov 18 @ 12:10 AM

    Good story Chandu sir direction was good and herione was aswome and chai Anna best performance in his carier after manam and ...

  • Sri Hari

    2 Nov 18 @ 8:05 PM

    Good films
  • Madhav

    2 Nov 18 @ 3:04 PM

Savyasachi Live Updates & Public Talk

Savyasachi is one movie in recent times that comes with a different concept with a considerably top hero. The movie is surrounded by a lot of expectations as this is the second combination of Naga Chaitanya and Chandoo Mondeti. The film is based on the concept of vanishing twin syndrome and the new concept is spun into a commercial revenge drama with a lot of care. The film hits the screens today and as the early morning shows are coming to an end, the initial reactions to the movie are generally positive. While the first half went with entertainment, the second half is on the thriller mode. 

Naga Chaitanya's performance and the romantic track with few very good humor scenes, the first half is a breezy watch. The interval block takes the things to the next level and the second half is where Chay and Madhavan face off each other. Madhavan steals the show with his usual verve and Niddhi Agerwal is good as the heroine. The action scenes are excellently designed. But there are few comments like overall the movie is okayish but the climax is where things become interesting. 

Chandoo Mondeti comes up with an interesting concept and blended the commercial elements in right proportions. As expected the hero elevation scenes are good but the villain character played by Madhavan are etched out very well. The general consensus about the first half is the narration is entertaining but the romantic track could have been handled a bit better. Keeravani music and background score are the other highlights apart from Naga Chaitanya and Madhavan. 

The remix of Lagayathu song is done well and Naga Chaitanya's dancing skills are improved. Vennela Kishore and Satya comedy scenes are hilarious. M. M. Keeravani background score is one of the major highlights of Savyasachi. 


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Savyasachi Preview

What is Savyasachi about?

At the end of the trailer of the film, which grabbed the attention of the audience to up the ante, there is a seemingly hero elevation dialogue. He is not Abhimanyudu sir. He is the Arjuna. And one more dialogue. Even death has to come through his (hero's) left hand. Or to cross it. By now you may have understood that we are talking about the movie Savyasachi. Akkineni Naga Chaitanya who just missed a genuine commercial hit with Shailaja reddy Alludu a couple of months ago, has been in good form as an actor. Apart from his traditional strength of romance, he improved leaps and bounds when it comes to his screen presence. 

There is a speculation that the movie is about the vanishing twin syndrome and Naga Chaitanya is playing a unique dual role. Some might have taken the slight gap in Bhumika introducing her brother as Vikram... Aditya as the hint that he is playing two different roles. Is one character is genuinely hidden from the promotional materials or is it really based on the vanishing twin syndrome and not about Alien Hand Syndrome, can only be releaved once the movie hits the screens. But these are not the only highlights of Savyasachi. 

Savyasachi promises

Naga Chaitanya in a different role

With every film, the heroes promise their movies are made differently if not outright different., and the characters they have played will set a trend. But that is not the case with Naga Chaitanya's in Savyasachi. It is one of the different roles in recent times apart from being a completely different role Chay has played till now. His mass avatar has a justification in the film and his screen presence in both the romantic and action sequences in the trailer is superb. 

Niddhi Agerwal

First things first. Ever since she is roped in to play the female lead in Savyasachi, she has been constantly in news. She has become an internet sensation of sorts. Her fan following is quite high for a debutant in Tollywood. Whatever the story and the importance given to Chay's role(s) in Savyasachi, Niddhi is going to steal the show with her glamor and if the role permits, performance. Hope Savyasachi turns out to be a promising debut for this young actress. 

Team Mythri Movie Makers

All the three films Mythri Movie Makers made till now have become blockbusters. Their most recent release is a historical triumph. A lot is expected from the team with Savyasachi is an understatement. They have assembled some of the top talents apart from the lead actors. Director Chandoo Mondeti proved himself to be a capable filmmaker by making Premam without a glitch. It is no mean feat to helm the remake of such a well-loved classic. 

Music director M. M. Keeravani has become synonymous for intriguing musical score. So, that department is in safe hands. Highly rated veteran Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao handling the editing. If anything to go by the visuals in the trailer, Yuvraj's cinematography is going to be top class. Not to talk about the production values. From the makers like Mythri, we can't expect anything less than the best.

...and Madhavan

One of the very few actors to be successful in various film industries across India, Madhavan is a proven performer. The charismatic actor will be seen as the antagonist in the movie. The only concern is, if it indeed is the Alien Hand Syndrome for the hero's role, his character may become a bit detracting or the syndrome will be used as an excuse for hero's super power to overcome. Hoping that is not the case, Madhavan is uber stylish in the trailer and we can expect him to leave his mark in his Tollywood debut (in a direct movie). 

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