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U/A Action, Drama, Thriller 2 hrs 30 mins Nov 2, 2018
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Savyasachi Story

Director: Chandoo Mondeti

Cast: Naga Chaitanya as Vikram Aditya (Vikram and Aditya), Niddhi Aggerwal as Chitra, R. Madhavan as Arun, Broomhika Chawla as Sir (Vikram and Aditya's sister), Kausalya as Vikram's mother, and Bennett Kishore as Kittu (Vikram's friend).

Savyasachi tells the story of Vikram Aditya who is a single person with his twin vanished into him. That vanished twin controls Vikram's left-hand and expresses his feelings through it. This is called Vanishing Twin Syndrome. Vikram's has no control over his left-hand and this causes him troubles.

Vikram's mother named him with two names. One for the person and the other for the vanished twin. In the present day, Vikram's comes across his ex-flame Chitra. They have to make an ad film in New York. They were lovers in their college days. But due to few reasons they get separated. When he returns home from the US trip, Vikram's finds that his niece (daughter of his sister) is kidnapped by an unknown person.

Vikram who gives importance to his family tries to find out who is behind the kidnapping. His girlfriend Chitra helps him in his quest. Meanwhile he gets a phone call from a mysterious man named Arun who is the mastermind behind this. Who is Arun? What he has got to do with Vikram? Why he kidnapped Vikram's niece and how Vikram finds Arun and protect his niece form the rest of the story.

Savyasachi received mixed response from the critics and the audience. The performances of Bags Chaitanya and Madhavan received considerable praise. Debutant heroine Niddhi Aggerwal received attention from the young audience. The movie fared average at the box office

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