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Savarakathi Review

U Drama 1 hrs 54 mins Feb 9, 2018





Savarakathi Review & Rating


Savarakathy directed by Adithya G R released today under the banner of Lone Wolf Productions. The dark humour movie features Poorna, Ram and Mysskin in lead roles. Savarakathi, written by Mysskin revolves around a poor family and the changes happen to them. 

Let’s check and analyze some Savarakathi reviews from various critics below:

Rating 3.75 from  kalakkalcinema

Savarakathi has its own moments. It is not preaching. It engages and entertains audience.

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Savarakathi is filled with emotions, drama and quirky comedy. This crime comedy movie deals with the transformation of a husband and wife. The husband who is a chronic liar tries to transform himself into an honest man and wife's transformation is from a pregnant woman to a mother. The husband is performed by Director Ram and the wife is performed by Poorna. 

Rating 3.25 from  indiaglitz

G.R. Aditya in spite of working under the shadow of his illustrious brother shows an assured grip...

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Poorna performed the role to its best. She lived as the character and gave a tough competition to Mysskin and Ram who are known for their natural way of performing characters. Poorna has dubbed her role and its the first time she is dubbing for a Tamil movie. Ram who played the role of a barber made the scenes engaged with his innocent, at the same time cunning expressions. His performance has made the audience believe that he was just apt for the role. 

Rating 3.5 from  indiatoday

There are as many misses as the number of jokes that actually work. Yet, in the end you can salva...

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Rating 3.5 from  indiatimes

Mysskin has become synonymous with moody crime thrillers that are more about the people who commi...

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Though the screenplay acted as the pivotal part of Savarakathi, it never looked like it's been directed by a young debutant. G R Adithya, brother of Mysskin who made his debut with Savarakathi marks his entry to the Tamil Film Industry. The way he composed the scenes and shots, especially the climax shows his craft and talent as a director. Mysskin's scripts are usually dark with a lot of emotions and complexities but Savarakathi would be the first time that had too much of humour included in the story. 

Rating 3.25 from  kollybuzz

Savarakathi holds us emotionally inclined with entertaining narration of humour spread adequately...

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Rating 3.25 from  onlykollywood

Overall, Savarakathi is a poignant, sweetly emotional film which works finely within the realms o...

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The background scores done by Arrol Corelli have taken the movie to another level. The placing of silence in some scenes derived a lot of meanings to the scenes. Mysskin's movies are known for this and G R Adithya has followed his brother and succeeded in it. Music director Arrol Corelli brings out the mood of this crime-comedy with a different kind of tone. The theme tracks used in the movie really had a haunting mood and rhythm which made the audience focus on the subject taken over by the humour.

Rating 3.5 from  cinemaexpress

It’s a story of the struggle between two knives: one that kills, and one that grooms. A sto...

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Rating 3 from  indianexpress

This Ram and Mysskin starrer is an odd film that is tough to slot. It doesn’t floor you in ...

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Final Verdict: Savarakathi is a package of emotions and a delight for every serious film lover and aspirants. The movie will take you for a ride through emotions, drama and comedy. Humour in this Mysskin story is very much dramatic and physical but beautifully delivered by the actors at right situations. Savarakathy is a surprise package, It will make you laugh and think bizarre at the same time. Savarakathi is worth every penny and time.

Savarakathi Critic Reviews

Savarakathi User Reviews

  • Nithin

    9 Feb 18 @ 7:09 PM

    Savarakathi is full of surprises. The movie directed by the debutant director GR Adithya is a blend of twists and turns. Mysskin's story being the foundation of Savarakathy, the actors have made brilliant performances. The character played by Ram, Mysskin and Poorna become the highlight of Savarakathi. Poorna's dialogue delivery never made the audience feel like she is a non-Tamil actress. She was living as the character Subadhra. Director Ram who performed in the role of a barber will make the audience laugh and think at the same time. The movie starts at a slow pace then picks up with Ram's and Poorna's performance. As a debutant director, Adithya tries to compose this crime comedy depending more on the actors rather than the script. It was evident in some scenes. But the director had nailed it in the climax sequence. The debutant director has clearly registered his position in the Tamil Film Industry with his venture Savarakathi.

  • Satya

    10 Feb 18 @ 3:14 PM

    Savarakathi which has script by Mysskin was one of the very few movies which released with a very low buzz. And I too had a very less expectations on it as I was never a fan of Mysskin or his work. But coming to Savarakathi, it has become the first film of Mysskin that I loved so much. Though he has not directed the film he has provided the story, script, dialogues and also produced the film. Savarakathi is one rare film which deals with serious situations in a humorous way and the antural performances of director turned actors Ram and Myskkin help the movie a lot. 

    Savarakathi has to be watched for the brilliant writing of Mysskin and superb performances of all the actors.

Savarakathi Live Updates & Public Talk

Savarakathy which is touted to be drama filled with the dark theme is directed by G R Adithya features Mysskin, director Ram and Poorna in the lead roles. Director Mysskin has written the story for Savarakathy which is the prime added advantage of Savarakathy. Mysskin has proven his craft in movies like Pisasu, Onayum Aattin Kuttiyum, Anjathe and this adds to the expectations for Savarakathi.

Savarakathi has given hints on its tone through the trailers and songs. The theme dealt with Savarakathi is transformation. Transformation of a pregnant woman to a mother and a chronic liar to an honest man. These characters performed by Poorna and director Ram brings life to the movie and makes the movie worth every penny.

The director Adithya has done a brilliant job in dealing the subject of the movie by placing twists, emotions and humour in apt space. The movie expected to be a very dark themed one has actually surprised the audience with its quirky comedy and Performances. 


The performances of Mysskin, Ram and Poorna takes the drama to the unexpected level. Poorna seemed to be in full form performing the role Subadhra. She has delivered the character so clean and natural. Savarakathi turns out to become an inspiration and an example for movie lovers and aspirants to make budget movies with good contents. 

Savarakathi is definitely making waves at the box office now. Tamil film industry always had the space to experiment and good experiments are appreciated well by the audience and critics. The movie till now is getting decent reports from everywhere. Mysskin has proven his talent as a brilliant script writer and a producer.

Savarakathi Preview

What Is Savarakathi About?

Director Mysskin who scored a super hit in the form of Thupparivaalan in 2017, is aiming to continue his form with Savarakathi. But this time he will be seen as an actor rather than the director as he plays an antagonist in this Savarakathi. Another director Ram is seen in the lead role along with Poorna who plays his wife. Though Mysskin has not directed this film, he has written the story, dialogues, and screenplay and also bankrolled it under his own production house. Savarakathi is the story of a barber and a goon who is out from the jail on a parole. How some unforeseen incidents that happen in a single day affect the lives of both of them is the story about. G R Aditya, the brother, and assistant of Mysskin has helmed this project which has music by Arrol Corelli.

What To Expect From Savarakathi?

  • Realistic Performances

Savarakathi has two popular directors Mysskin and Ram in crucial roles and most of the film revolves around these two. So, it would be interesting to see how these talented guys act in Savarakathi. Ram and Mysskin are known for their realistic approach in films and going by the trailer, Savarakathi too looks like a film with not many cinematic liberties taken by the director. The performances seem real and the makeup, costumes and the entire set up looks realistic. As both Ram and Mysskin are not trained/professional actors, the performances can be expected to be realistic. The film has Poorna as the female lead and she is one actress who never chooses regular kind of scripts. Her performance as the mother of two kids can turn out be the major highlight of Savarakathi.

  • Interesting Script and Screenplay

Savarakathi, as mentioned earlier, revolves around a barber and a criminal who is after something. The story writer Mysskin has revealed that the film happens in a span of just 8 hours. Though we have seen quite a few films that happen in a single day, Savarakathi has been set up in an entirely different backdrop and characters. In a script with such a less span of time, the screenplay needs to be tight to keep the viewers engaged. That is when the brilliance of a director or screenplay writer comes into place. As an experienced technician, Mysskin might have written a non-cliched screenplay with few twists and edge of the seat moments, at least, we can expect something similar from him.

  • Blend Of Humor and Action

As Mysskin plays a goon, and a barber messes up with him, there's ample scope for action sequences. We can see some well-executed action sequences in the trailer but what draws our attention is the humorous take on such incidents. The role of a barber (played by Ram) seems to be written to provide the comic relief for the audience. Mysskin, in his earlier films, has made sure that there's enough comedy in the film irrespective of the genre of the film. But he has never roped in a bunch of comedians for that but instead used to depend on dark humor based on the characters and situations. Savarakathi too seems to have the same pattern of Mysskin's previous movies, so we can expect the perfect blend of humor and action in Savarakathi.

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