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Satyanweshi Byomkesh Review

U Thriller 1 hrs 47 mins Oct 2, 2019





Satyanweshi Byomkesh Review & Rating

Satyanweshi Byomkesh Review: Byomkesh revisited with a new perspective

The premise 

Satyanweshi Byomkesh is the screen adaptation of Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay's Magna Mainak. Many of us know the original story. Therefore, what is going to happen wasn't a factor in the movie, the main focus was on how is it going to happen.

Sayantan Ghoshal, who has directed two treasure hunt film Jawker Dhan and Alinagarer Golokdhadha and a web series on Byomkesh Bakshi has directed the film. The audience is getting a new pair of Byomkesh Bakshi and Ajit Bandyopadhyay here. Above all, the entire film sees a different side of Byomkesh. 

Satyanweshi Byokesh will satisfy you if you loved the known style of Anjan Dutt. The veteran actor and filmmaker has penned the screenplay of the film and also worked as a creative advisor. His influence is evidable in the script. He has incorporated many new aspects to the film and the changes didn't ruin the story. Dutt has played Ravi Varma in the movie. 

Direction and performances

This Byomkesh shows his political side in the movie. The makers let him speak about his political preference. While he often works for the government (Congress Gov then) but also sympathizes with the young Naxal activists. Considering the restless tome of 71, this political side of Byomkesh doesn't look awkward but it would have been better not to drag the name of a revered freedom fighter in it.

The makers have created 70's with the help of set and props which naturally transport the viewers to the world. However, Byomkesh's outfits often look out of the place.

In acting, Parambrata Chatterjee and Rudranil Ghosh did their best. Their chemistry as Byomkesh and Ajit was enjoyable. However, there is room for improvement. Anjan Dutt as Ravi Verma did an excellent job. Gargee Mukherjee and Sumanta Mukherjee too delivered a good performance. But, it isSuprabhat Das as Santosh who steals the show. 

The Crew

Film's music is a plus. Neel Dutt's music creates the mood and atmosphere for a twisted crime thriller that has family problems and bigger issues merged in one. Editing could have been better. 


Satyanweshi Byomkesh is a good movie. Go for it without judging. Sure, it is yet another film adaptation of the iconic Bengali detective story, however, it does worth a watch.

Pycker Rating: 3

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Satyanweshi Byomkesh Preview

What is Satyanweshi Byomkesh all about?

Satyanweshi Byomkesh is a screen adaptation of Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay's thriller story Magna Mainak. The film will see Byomkesh Bakshi in action to solve a murder mystery which apparently looks like an accident. However, things seem to be too complicated to be an ordinary accident. Now, Byomkesh must find out who killed Hina Mallick, a mysterious woman who fell from the roof and died instantly.

What to expect from Satyanweshi Byomkesh?

A fresh and new approach

After Anjan Dutt and Arindam Sil, this time Sayantan Ghoshal will direct a Byomkesh movie. He has before directed Byomkesh web-series for Hoichoi and was appreciated for his witty and sharp execution. The audience will expect a fresh and smart screen-adaptation from the young filmmaker. Parambrata and Rudranil as new Byomkesh and Ajit are expected to bring a fresh approach in their portrayal as well.

Anjan Dutt magic

If you have missed Anjan Dutt's magic last year, this year you are up for it! Satyanweshi Byomkesh not only has Anjan Dutt as an actor. He has penned the screenplay for the film and also played a pivotal part in its making as the creative advisor of the movie. 

The performance

The film has a stellar cast. Along with Parambrata Chatterjee and Rudranil Ghosh who play Byomkesh and Ajit respectively, the film features actors like Gargee Roy Choudhury, Anjan Dutt, Supravat Bose, and many others who can play their part aptly.


Sayantan Ghoshal has surprised the viewers with his first two directorial, Jawker Dhan and Alinagarer Golokdhandha. He received accolades for his Byomkesh web series as well. The expectation will be high on him. 

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