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Sarileru Neekevvaru Review

U/A Action, Comedy Jan 11, 2020





Sarileru Neekevvaru Review & Rating

Sarileru Neekevvaru Review: Mahesh's Majestic Show As A Complete Superstar

The premise

It was nearly 10 years since superstar Mahesh has acted in a full-blown entertainer. An out and out mass role...? Think of Pokiri. When was it released? We're in nickers? Or his latest fans in diapers? Man! It has been so long since Mahesh has mouthed thunder punches. For a guy who as a child artiste enjoyed mass following and superstardom, and known for his energetic dance movements, Mahesh is criminally underutilized by Telugu directors.

Anil Ravipudi might not have come up with a new story. Might not have come out of the second half syndrome his films are prone to. But he reinvented Mahesh on-screen since Trivikram did the same with Khaleja. Hero elevations? Check! Power-packed punch dialogues? Check! Dances (mandatory these days)? Oh, yes! Mahesh is charming and came out of the subtlety which has become too monotonous these days and it is his viswaroopam in Sarileru Neekevvaru.

The film is not a showcase of Mahesh the actor but an ode to Mahesh the superstar. Fans who are starved of the massy Mahesh of the Pokiri and Dookudu days will feast on this film. And for his family fans, there is an emotional thread with Vijayashanthi where the senior actress lifted the film a notch or two with her experienced hand. So, let's just jump into the world of Sarileru Neekevvaru and savour the electrifying experience. Not to mention the nitpicking too.

Sarileru Superstar Ki

The film starts with the introduction of the major players. Mahesh. Vijayashanthi. And their how and whereabouts. Professor Bharathi works in a medical college in Kurnool. As the character is named Bharathi and is played by Vijayashanthi, she should be upright. And patriotic. Expectedly Vijayashanthi:s screen presence didn't diminish despite a near 14-year gap. Mahesh, on the other hand, upped his heroism multi-fold in the role of an army major. Ajay Krishna. His favourite name which has given him a couple of fond blockbusters.

Ajay Krishna's story starts with his saving of school kids who are kidnapped by terrorists. The mandatory hero introduction block is given a new twist which worked in favour of the impression on the film. Rajendra Prasad too makes his presence felt. In certain exceptional situations, Ajay has to travel to Kurnool. And there he comes across Professor Bharathi and has to intervene on behalf of her in a crisis situation she is facing courtesy her upright nature.

She has been waging a war with local MLA Nagendra Prasad (you guessed it Prakash Raj). When the situation is going out of hands, our hero arrives after a prolonged train episode and the interval comes with a thunderous bang. There is a pleasant surprise for old-time Ghattamaneni fans too. We know Ajay saves the day and play with Nagendra Prasad. And that is dealt with in a mostly entertaining manner.


Sarileru Neekevvaru should never be measured in terms of storytelling, narration or in conventional methods. It is an ode to superstar Mahesh and a feast to Mahesh's fans. It's a throwback to the good old days when Mahesh was at his Massy best. So, we have to keep this in mind when evaluating this film. Anil Ravipudi delivered on his promise of presenting Mahesh in the best possible. And he also brought out the dancing skills of Mahesh out to a certain extent. The way he has shown Mahesh as a complete superstar is a lesson for the directors as how to exploit the charisma of Mahesh apart from his obviously great acting skills.

The movie starts in a sedate and sombre note. The actors are serious and the situations presented are grave. There is heroism and there is an intriguing threat. Once the hero travels to Kurnool from Kashmir, the movie becomes episodic. The first such episode is the much talked about train episode. As usual with Mahesh films, it is the heroine who falls for him and tags along with him. Or to be accurate stalks him.

Though it might make serious movie lovers or the advocates of cinema as a serious art or some of the ists (femin and others), the fun generated here could be enjoyed by one and all. The comedy is loud all right. But it works very well. Mahesh too seems to have relished. He has given his all. Rashmika is as good as Genelia in Orange. For what it's worth ;-)


Mahesh is one of the best actors of this generation doesn't need more proofs (1: Nenokkadine has given an emphatic statement in this regard). As a superstar, he is always underutilised for the last few years. But Anil Ravipudi Baagaa Pindukunnaadu. He extracted the best of Mahesh's heroism in various episodes. Be it comedy, or the seriousness in emotional scenes or the Massy things like action and dances.

Vijayashanthi is given prominence in both the promotions and in the film too. The scenes between Mahesh and Vijayashanthi satisfy both the mass fans of the actor and family audience. The emotional connect is established with a punch and the way their relationship pans out is done well. Prakash Raj's presence itself has given weight to the scenes. When and wherever these three appeared on the screen, we'll forget about the rest.

Rao Ramesh is given a comedy role and he did well. Vennela Kishore, Subbaraju, and others have done within their limitations. Rajendra Prasad is severely underutilized in this film but he did well as usual. Posani has done what Posani does these days. Jayaprakash Reddy entertains in a considerable role after a long time. Rest of the actors have done as per the requirements.

The crew

The songs of the film are good but their placement is bad. Though they are not chartbusters like Mahesh film albums of the yore, they are catchy and well picturised. High time Devi Sri Prasad reinvent himself. The background score is good but sometimes went overboard. Silence in a few places could have taken the effect to the next level. Cinematography by Rathnavelu is terrific. It changed as per the mood the proceedings and the changes worked out well.

The editing is neat but at least 10 minutes of the footage could have been trimmed to bring the film more crispness. The intercuts are used very well. The art department deserves all the praise for recreating Kondareddy Buruju. And the locations for various moments in the film are very well selected. With GMB involved at the grassroot level and Dil Raju overseeing it alongside Anil Sunkara, the production values are first-rate. Despite a rapid shooting schedule, the film doesn't feel like rushed.


Sarileru Neekevvaru is a rare showcase of Mahesh as a complete mass hero and in that context, it's a must-watch. His wide fanbase will surely be satisfied and others will also get a good glimpse at what he is capable of when the director uses his complete skill set. Just go and watch it. Enjoy without inhibitions. Mahesh won't disappoint you.


  • Mind block song and Mahesh at his dancing best
  • Mahesh's superstardom at display
  • Vijayashanthi
  • Entertainment quotient
  • Action blocks
  • Unexpected climax


  • Not a new story but it's just nitpicking
  • The second half could have been handled well in the middle portion

Pycker Rating: 3.25 out of 5

Reviewed by: GitacharYa

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  • Varungarlapati

    15 Apr 20 @ 11:34 AM

    Very very lagging bro better to remove from your watch list 

    Total overaction

  • Srinu

    12 Jan 20 @ 3:39 PM

  • Venkat

    25 Mar 20 @ 12:18 AM

    No words about this movie

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