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U Drama, Family, Romance 2 hrs 30 mins May 9, 2002

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A young man falls in love with Padmavati and impresses her to get married. Padmavati who belongs to a joint family gets married to him against the wishes of her family. The couple then move to New Zealand and have a son. Padmavati dies after a few years in an accident. Her family decides to invite Karthik and his family for a family wedding. Here bride, Padmavati's cousin falls in love with Karthik. On the other hand her family arranges her marriage with childhood friend Pawan (Prabhudeva) who is in love with her. Will the bride marry the man she loves or the person whos ready to be the groom is the rest of the story that deals with high dosage of sentiment and melodrama.This film won Nandi Awards for the Best Actor & Best Film categories

Santosham Cast & Crew