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Sandakozhi 2 Review

Action Oct 18, 2018





Sandakozhi 2 Review & Rating

As the title suggests, Sandakozhi 2 is the sequel to the blockbuster film Sandakozhi which was released in 2005 and earned Vishal the much-deserved fame and recognition. It took over a decade for the director and the hero to come up with the sequel. As far as Tamil cinema is concerned, sequels have not been received well most of the times, recent examples being Saamy Square and Vishwaroopam 2. Will Sandakozhi 2 join that list or break that stereotype and emerge as a super hit? Let's find out.


Sandakozhi 2 starts off with a brief flashback episode and cut to the present, the characters Balu (Vishal) and Durai Ayya (Raj Kiran) are introduced. Durai Ayya and his son Balu are two powerful men who can beat hundreds of people and all those who have seen the first part are familiar with them. On the other hand, Pechi (Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar) and her men are on a hunt to kill Anbu, the last man in a clan, against which there is an age-old rivalry.

Durai Ayya gets injured seriously and he wants Balu to do two tasks. One is to protect Anbu from Pechi and her men and the second one is to make sure the Thiruvizha (a festival celebration) is held peacefully. The rest of the story is about how Balu lives up to his promise to his father, Durai Ayya.

The Performances:

Vishal is at absolute ease. Riding high on the confidence after scoring two back to back hits, Vishal played the role of Balu with such ease and perfection. He is a treat to watch during the action sequences and he shares a stunning chemistry with Keerthy Suresh. Speaking about her, she gets a mischievous and naughty role, similar to that of Meera Jasmine in the first part. Keerthy Suresh excels in her role and she has nailed the Madurai slang and her energetic performance is what clicks the most in the first half. However, there is not much scope for her to show her acting prowess like many other female leads in commercial films.

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar is the surprise package of the film. She gets a crucial role in a big commercial film and she has utilized the opportunity to her advantage. But, as much as she tries to make an impact, the lack of proper treatment from Linguswamy leaves a lot to be desired from the role of Pechi. Hari, who played Anbu, and Rajkiran did their best and the rest of the cast was okay.

The Technical Team:

Yuvan Shankar Raja can easily be cited as one of the major reasons for the success of Sandakozhi. He has given his best once again in the re-recording segment but most of the songs have not been that great especially when compared to the first part. However, he compensates it with his terrific background score - especially for Pechi and the vintage theme of Sandakozhi. Sakthivel's camerawork is amazing and he has captured the rural visuals and the festive celebrations perfectly. Editing by Praveen KL is pretty average as he could've chopped of few unimportant scenes and songs.

The story and direction of Linguswamy is fine without comparing it to the first part. But he was unable to bring out a perfect commercial entertainer even after having a bunch of talented actors and technicians. He has shown his mark in a few scenes like the interval sequence but failed to maintain the consistency during the second half. Too many unnecessary elements in the second half play spoilsport in Sandakozhi 2. However, it is not too bad to ignore.

Final Word:

Sandakozhi 2 definitely doesn't live up to the expectations and nowhere near the first part. But that doesn't make this a bad film. If you keep your expectations in check and want to enjoy the festive season with a masala flick, go for it.

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Sandakozhi 2 User Reviews

  • Vignesh Sathish

    7 Nov 18 @ 9:33 PM

    wondering acting by rajkiran and Vishal and marvelous acting by keerthi suresh
  • Hari

    27 Feb 19 @ 2:51 PM

Sandakozhi 2 Live Updates & Public Talk

Vishal and Linguswamy's Sandakozhi was a runaway hit at the box office and was one of the biggest Tamil blockbusters of 2005. After more than a decade, 13 years to be precise, they came up with a sequel to that film. Titled as Sandakozhi 2, the film has hit the screens today amidst a huge buzz and expectations. As one would expect, Sandakozhi 2 has released in a huge number of screens owing to the craze of the franchise and Dasara season. Let's take a look at what the audience are feeling about the film.

The first of Sandakozhi 2 is said to be a decent one with a well-etched screenplay and a power-packed interval sequence. The story is said to be a continuation of Sandakozhi and is set in a rural backdrop. The audience are raving about Keerthy Suresh's performance and her energetic screen presence. Yuvan Shankar Raja's background score is said to be yet another positive factor.

Though the film is said to be low on logic, it seems to have all the ingredients to impress the masses for this festive season. Linguswamy, who has delivered some big commercial hits seems to have stuck to the basics and delivered a neat sequel reaching the expectations audience had on the film. Vishal and Vasu Sarathkumar too seem to have done a decent job in Sandakozhi 2. Check out the recent Tweets below.

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