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Action Oct 18, 2018
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Sandakozhi 2 Story

Director: Linguswamy

Cast: Vishal as Balu, Raj Kiran as Durai Ayya (village head and Balu's father), Keerthy Suresh as Sembaruthi, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar as Pechankarasi aka Pechi, and Hari Krishnan as Anbu. 

Sandakozhi 2 is the story of one Anbu whose entire clan is slain by Pechankarasi. The village head Durai Ayya from the previous film Sandakozhi is in the plans to start the traditional Thiruvizha, a seven-day long festival, which used to be celebrated by seven villages in the vicinity.

But the problem arises in the form of Pechankarasi aka Pechi. Previously, Pechi's husband was killed in a village fight. To avenge him, she vows to kill the people in the entire clan the whose one member is responsible for Pechi's husband. The only survivor in the brutal mass slaying is Anbu. He takes shelter with Durai Ayya. 

While Durai Ayya was busy with the preparations for the Thiruvizhi, Anbu is attacked by Pechi's gang. But Anbu is saved by the arrival of Durai Ayya's son, Balu who till that point was in a foreign country. Durai Ayya briefs Balu on the situation and Balu takes care of Anbu. Balu also comes across a village belle Sembaruthi who reminds him of his lover Hema from the first film (it is hinted that a tragedy happened to her which left Balu dejected and hence the absence from the native place). He slowly gets warmed to the chirpy and bubbly Sembaruthi and she reciprocates his feelings. 

The festival is in the full swing and in one of the off-moments Pechi attacks Anbu and Durai Ayya is accidentally stabbed in the neck which makes him bedridden for the duration of the festival. He asks Balu to ensure the festival to continue without hiccoughs and save Anbu at any cost to which he agrees. How Balu fulfills his father's wishes form the rest of the story. 

Sandakozhi 2 received mixed reviews from the critics who praised the action setpieces and the performances of the lead actors. But the routineness of the story and the lack of emotional punch from the first film were singled out. The movie ended up as a below average performer at the box office but is liked by a certain section of the audience. 

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