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Samsara Review

Slice of Life Aug 2, 2019





Samsara Review & Rating

Samsara movie review: A mystery dealing with karmic cycle 

The premise

Samsara is not a common name for a Bengali movie. The word itself has a complex meaning in dealing with the circle of life and death. The movie surprisingly ventures in the world of paranormal that wasn't evident in the trailer. However, it is not a regular horror venture. The film doesn't have any grotesque corpse, screaming spirits, or scary background score. Instead, it delves into the journey of the lives of three friends and the skeletons of the past coming out of the closet at the end.

Atanu, an author, Bikram, an entrepreneur and Chandan, owner of jewelry showrooms, meet after a long time and goes out on a trip. They visited a place called Samsara, far away from the hustle and bustle of the locality. But, soon things started to change and every event that took place started to tense the atmosphere for them.

The film begins with three protagonists and delves into their lives. The film picks up the pace when the trio ends up in a mysterious hilly region called Samsara on a bike that has a strange number plate (SAM 632). There, they gradually came across people who look eerily similar to the people they have met in their lives before. However, they are not the people they remember or some truth is lurking behind the mystery.

Performance, Cast and the crew

The film is carried on the strong shoulders of three protagonists played by Ritwick Chakraborty, Indrajit Chakravarty, and Rahul. Three actors have breathed into their characters. Among the others, Sudiptaa Chakraborty, Samadarshi Dutta, Tnusree Chakraborty, Arjaa Banerjee, Devlina Kumar did justice to their roles.

Rana Dasgupta, who has done the camera for the film deserves a special mention. The celestial beauty of Meghalaya has become a significant part of the story thanks to him. Nabarun Bose’s background score helps to create the mysterious atmosphere needed for the film.

However, Samsara does have some plotholes. Many questions remained unanswered at the end. The audience might get confused in places. But, overall, it is an enjoyable watch. It is definitely worth a watch.  


  • The plot
  • The performances 
  • Camera work
  • Background score


  • The plotholes
  • Some unnecessary characters and scenes 

Pycker Rating: 3.5/5

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