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Samantaral Review

U/A Drama, Thriller 1 hrs 54 mins Nov 24, 2017





Samantaral Review & Rating


Partha Chakraborty’s Samantaral is a story of a beautiful budding relationship between a young boy and his psychologically different uncle. Although it may seem like a regular family drama, it will surely surprise the audience with its turn of events. Returning to his maternal grandfather’s home after 12 years Arko finds himself getting more and more attached to his uncle, while the other family members keep him locked in his room. To a layman, Sujon comes off as a mad person but to Arko he is a man who has a very different opinion about the world and its people. Arko decides to take up Sujon’s responsibility and starts taking him out regularly hoping that the fresh air would make him feel better and would also help to find the cause of all his troubles.It is a beautiful movie with a strong resemblance to reality, which is precisely what keeps the audience hooked. 

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The movie at no stage falters even for a single moment. The characters come together effortlessly...

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Directed by Partha Chakraborty, 'Samantaral' revolves around the family of a retired professor and his three sons among whom the middle son Sujan (Parambrata Chatterjee) is one of those about whom the families don't talk much. He is the so-called disgrace with a mental disbalance. Arka, his nephew from his dead sister returns to his maternal grandfather's family and bonded with Sujan. 

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Directed by Partha Chakraborty, 'Samantaral' revolves around the family of a retired professor an...

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  • S

    29 Nov 17 @ 1:03 PM

    'Samantaral' is a great story to watch with a good message. The story starts when the Riddhi Sen comebacks to his grandfather's house. The way director narrates the story and the characters which come with the sink to the storyline make the audience hooked to their seats.Dialogues were well written and the screenplay was engaging. Samantaral once again proves content is what matters in the film.

    Coming to the performances and technical aspects, the lead actors Soumitra Chatterjee, Parambrata Chatterjee, Riddhi Sen and Aparajita Adhya done a great job in their respective roles. Production values are good and special mentions for editor 'Govinda Chatterjee' for his great editing. The background music also beautifully enhanced the scenes.

    Final verdict a must watch masterpiece with a strong message to respect every human being. 

  • Satya

    28 Nov 17 @ 5:45 PM

    Samantaral starts with the introduction Sujan (Parambrata Chatterjee) who is one of those persons in a family with whom no one interacts. The screenplay picks up the pace when Arka is introduced and offers a solid film from there on. Partha Chakraborty dares to come up with a unique script in his second film itself and it is applause-worthy. Though the screenplay seems a bit slow, the emotions and performances on screen make things better. Parambrata Chatterjee does complete justice to the role of Sujan and breathes life into the character. Finally, if you can ignore the slow pace and looking for a decent entertainer, Samantaral is the best option.

  • Riya

    28 Nov 17 @ 12:38 PM

    Partha Chakraborty's second movie 'Samantaral' focuses on those who are unwanted in a family or society. We feel uncomfortable to talk about them. Parambrata Chatterjee plays Sujan the middle child of a family who mostly stays inside his room, alone. When his nephew Arka (Riddhi) comes to stay with his grandfather, he was told his second uncle is mentally disturbed. However, Arka bonded with Sujan. But, something started to bug him. He felt everyone in the family is hiding something from him. The film has a solid storyline dealing with a significant issue that is needed to be addressed. Parambrata performed his role with precision. Aparajita, Tonushree, Riddhi all did a good job. 

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The film gives an important message, says this viewer.

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Samantaral Preview

What is the film all about?

The film revolves around the bond of an uncle of a nephew. Protagonist Sujan is a mentally disbalanced person who espite of being an intelligent and talented person come out as a socially awkward person living inside his own house imprisoned. His nephew, who visits the maternal home for the first time starts to communicate with him.

What to expect from the film?

The movie promises solid performances from the casts that includes Parambrata Chatterjee, Soumitra Chatterjee, Aparajita Adhya, Tonushree, and Riddhi Sen. Parambrata might again prove his mettle once again in this film.

An interesting story

The trailer of the film didn't really gave up much. It left the viewers guessing about the story which can drag the audience to the theatres.